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    • Additionally, please increase PvE damages of the mage so mages can have a chance to get the box of bosses. Otherwise such CTEF & CTC events are pointless at Boss spawning period for mage class.  @nikos32   PS: Please double the HP & AC of Gates & Center Artifact in CSW event and bring an AoE Ego (Gem & Fragment) farm slot. There are a lot of other suggestions also waiting on the line. I hope upcoming updates will be satisfying the users for better game playing. 
    • Absolute Power & Sweaping Pot looks working correctly. ( I'm not sure, maybe it can be like increasing the damage like 20%. Need to double check. ) Staff damage is decreased after you restarted. ( Not magic damage, physical damage looks like been decreased. ) Elemental damages and MP bonuses  work correctly. ( Rings & Wings & Uniques ) Magic damage looks like a little strong. ( Might be decreased as 10%, naked mage hits 1.1k with nova/meteor. Item difference must be effected and there need to be a reason to imrpove your mage items. There should be a huge difference with naked mage and geared mage. ) LR & Ice skill damages have to be checked and compared as well. We did not have time to test them. 
    • Absolute power and sweeping pot like working its good. But mage skill dmgs little be more i thnk maybe it can be decreased like %5 -%10 i dont know its can be problem for another class. But elemental bonuses better work now for skills etc. Also staff R dmgs less than now but its too much i dont know how its work on it. we had time for just try flame skills btw.
    • I did a thorough check of all the possible options, and everything now seems to work correctly in both PvE and PvP, including MP bonuses from items and skills/buffs like Absolute Power and Sweeping Potion, which officially did not work in v1298. So, the repel and elemental damage also increase based on the bonuses of the other equipped items, rather than following the check order.
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