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    • Let me translate him:   "Hello, there are some people who came back to server after 1-2 months when they left including me. But, there is no events related to the action of the server and no reaction from staff members. I think this can be improved. Those people who came back again can attract more and more people who left server. There are some problems I would like to mention, I hope you take into consideration if GM_Thanos translate this to nikos. -First of all the GM KILL event is a nice event that attract people to PK, but I have never seen a GM KILL event for the last 2 months. It can make PK alive if it can be done 3 times in a week. -Secondly, CSW is the another nice event that can be joined with all clan members. But, if I'm not wrong the center artifact can be immortal when 2-3 priests are healing it. This is unfair for the others. People are making 1 melee and 1 mage party to take the crystal but this healing issue is killing their PK. Because 2-3 priests can make the artifact immortal bu healing. So, healing the artifact must be removed as soon as possible. Also, CSW should be done not only at sunday, but also in wednesday or tuesday too. -The number of the CZ Kill (500x kills = 1x trina) quest should be decreased. - The monuments at JM and BDW must be removed. Those events are ended once they start. (He means it is too easy to win in this way) -Some kill quests or some drops must be added to Atross, Riotes, and CZ Bowl bosses; so, this will make CZ PK alive. Also, the drops of the monster stones should be improved, because they are not eligable to the server's current situation. -Shotly, making server alive is on your hands.   Besides, these are not the things to be changed because of a personal deserve. I wanted to mention about most player's ideas. Those who want server alive can write more. Have a nice game to all."
    • Waited so long for someone to start a post about CSW  took a while to be honest, i understand the feeling.....it took a while for us to take the castle from Gamblers. and as a reminder they were using wall bug to jump over the castle and come atack from the back, which we recorded and posted and no one fixed it, says its all normal by that time, u can find the topic on this forum, but even after that we took the castle in the first 15 min from Gamblers, with same amount of priest and the same condtitions as it is atm,same wall bug and in nowdays Nikos finally fixed that wall bug while we were holding the castle ( dunno, how suddenly doesnt look normal anymore, right after we took it) even that i still see a mage that could still wall bug abuse ArchMageAntonidas who got somehow inside in the top right side of the bridge and tped his pt there, but that doesnt matter anymore coz no one care about it, anyway as Blood clan succeded to take the castle from us one time, in the same condtition as it is atm, i think everyone has his chance still,  so keep trying brothers..... I also agree with the rest of changes that TheFreeSoul suggested, and maybe BDW and LNS change a little bit as well...keep looking forward to maintain the server alive fellas...
    • Not blinking is something people ASKED FOR in this server ....Healing the crystal is a part of CSW and its in EVERY KNIGHT ONLINE VERSION that was ever out ..... People always complain about everything ...tell me @Sky Why there is no item for a mage to use the Staff skill when he is  using a shield at the same time??Beucase people cried about it ...In every server Halloween cane can be used with a shield and mages are able to use Staff skill ... But in this server because people cry Nikos changed it ...All I know is that when people lose all the time they get frustrated and try to find excuses or problems with the server etc etc ... Try to find a good tactic and its easy to take the castle as you guys said we had 2-3 parties which means 4-5 priests in total how can you not take the crystal from 5 priests when they also heal their party as welll ?? Last CSW we fight vs 3-4 mage parties and 1-2 meele parties .... Calculate the damage and answer to me .. Is it possible for 5 priests maximum ( beause thats how many we had) to heal the damage of 4 mage parties and 2 meele parties ??? I dont think so @Sky  You just need to practice more and you dont have enough brain to do that  PS: The only think that can change on CSW so people like @Skystop crying is to Capture the crystal ...Like it was on USKO back in the day ...Which means people will have to get inside and Right click the crystal any person individually will be able to do it which means only meeles will be able to go and capture it and the mages will be able to go and  wipe everyone with novas ....And then they are gonna cry about this also because its gonna be harder  @thefreesoulSorry for this big message bro I will not post anymore ❤️
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