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    • With all due respect , Thanos. If you watch a few scambaiting channels at YT, they'll disagree with your statement. Scamming is all about convincing someone to eagerly comply with the fraudster. There's some social engineering behind it to induce victims to do stuff. Jizzy did give the IN, it's true. But if the other person didn't do as promised (assumed it was promised something), then it IS a scam. HOWEVER, the problem is to prove it was indeed a scam. That's the hardest part. Since it's one person word against the other. Not to mention that the damage is already done AND since Jizzy didn't get hacked, it's pretty hard to define as a scam for good. So the line between eagerly complying with something and an actual scam can be pretty thin. Since the terms of conduct won't cover (as far as i know) that someone need to do what they told on DM, it makes even harder to get to a conclusion. IMHO, i think a look in the logs and stuff can help this sort it out. At least to find out if something was actually promised and one of the parties actually change its mind on purpose and stuff. Anyways, i hope everything sorts out for Jizzy.
    • If other party tell you that he will pay 50% and get the item from you but doesnt pay .. this is called scam.. a NEWBIE trusting to a veteran player.. and veteran player uses this to scam newbie. that looks hilarious.
    • When In dropped i pmed this FAIR NEWBIE right away and told him to sell to me.. i ll pay cash.. he told me that " we dropped it in a party of 2 with zengief and he also wants to buy. i think he should have it. he promised me the 50% of the price as bp items.. " this guy show the QUALITY of a man.. he can easily Alt+f4 and keep it to himself.. and when this happens we all know that zengief and his clannies will cry alot in this forum. but this guy didnt do it. EVEN IF THE SERVER is DEAD.. EVEN IF THERE IS LESS PLAYER , @nikos32 i want you to help this scammed guy. Paying 200gb has no meaning for zangief.. but he cant even KEEP his promise.. This is not a CLAN DROP issue.. zangief SCAMMED this guy and take the IN. clan drop and scam .. these are 2 different things. if we cant overcome the difference. this means we are letting scammers to feel at home. Even if @GM_Thanos or @nikos32 will not help this NEWBIE.. we all learn the quality of Zengief and his clan. What will u do with the money when there is NOONE !! ???!!!???   GIVE US A PROPER date for the server restart.. We all waiting for you.  
    • Its basically 0 Mr Aussie.    Sounds like fake news but I wish it was true.
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