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    • What did you like during your gameplay on ProfessionalKO ? 1 - Clean DB What did you dislike ? 1 - You running out from the server after a few weeks 2 - The lack of event, action 3 - The lack of investment (Advertising, clan war ...) 4 - The lack of professionalism 5 - The lack of power of GM 6 - Money sink What changes would you like to see ? (Pretty much everything) - Passion before money - Hire a guy for public relation cuz obviously you don't know how to talk with peoples - A server which not look alike the other MyKo soac server - A real admin team - Listen to the players - Adapt the shedule from the feedback of your players - Add some stuff to drain money The community have change this past few years they know the game perfectly and get bored very very fast. Anyway there is so much Myko server like your last server opening and closing every months. If you can't keep your base player my making daily event, new challenge, new stuff to do, don't even try to relaunch.
    • Archer server ^^. Is it fixed or full items warrior HP built die in 1,5 sec from archer with basic gear? FT only from 36 faster PC's in a server with 500 ppl :D i was trying to enter FT 1 month and i didnt get in any xD ctrl minor still legal? Hire Admins ;) P.s Profko will be over croweded incse of relaunch 100% but you know that aleady. You got our e-mails let us know by mails 
    • We just want to play as old days..Your first db was perfect..Without Darkness weapons and Valkyries. Hope to hear good news soon...
    • What did you like during your gameplay on ProfessionalKO ? What did you dislike ? What changes would you like to see ?
    • Have you tried changing your character name in the past ?   Can you tell me your character name please