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  1. Hello all, Please do not misunderstand me. The following are purely my own experiences. As a priest player, this is quite disturbing. Because I've never been this bothered by anything. The stun times are long and the catch rate is quite high. The effect of stun on priests will be wrong to compare with any other class. The priest's inability to heal or walk for 3 seconds (if there is an attack on it) negatively affects the pk. I would like also to mention; Not only rogues but every class disables debuff skills. If I exaggerate, we can use debuff skills if no one is attack
  2. Thanks Tomato for the suggestion. I also get uncomfortable with people who gain unfair gain/reward. I'm not sure how to prevent it exactly, but this afk control system is insufficient.
  3. Nikos, first of all, thank you very much for your update. Now, I myself buy big sc's with 99% pk stones. Rune of ultima only wants cash. Could we possibly get a rune of ultima with pk stone? Thank you in advance
  4. Funny pk. Thx to everyone who in in that video. Only one should do a favor and tell what the debuf 57 skill is for. I did not see it shot once in the 8-min video. I hope he's not playing 70 heals.
  5. I thought, i accidentally threw the cs in the trash. Luckily i found the item before the sleep was gone
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