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  1. Recuerdo bien como empezó esto, paranoico y yo tenemos la culpa, lo admito, a la nación orca le faltaron secerdotes, por lo que perdieron, luego la nación orca puso en fila 4 sacerdotes, entonces fue imposible matarlos en la bdw, así que empezamos a matar solo el cristal, y ganamos muchas veces de esa manera, incluso con el marcador en contra de 20-0. Entonces no es el parche, son las estrategias, como en CSW, así que golpear 5 grupos no romperá el cristal porque tienes 5 sacerdotes dando curación, bueno, serían 7, pero 2 fueron prohibidos por usar koxp.
  2. i will be there
  3. all of the above is joke directed to @teach. @Teach is a great guy and friend, he is by far some kind of visual bug, cheater he is not. and I apologize if I made him uncomfortable.
  4. are many years that @Teach plays if the source is correct, are more than 15 years, with a ratio greater than 7, is the beast of the minority, I think you speak out of envy Mr. tomato, @Teach is the best killer of this and all servers where he plays, perhaps @Teach does not accept vs because as he himself says, does not want to wake up those who think they are better of his beautiful dream, greetings and seriously and I would like to play like him. Pd. I take this post to salute those who wanted to snatch the throne to @Teach, oxijea, huckle, shovel, and I think the successor is the great ch
  5. @ritaltoday he wants to return the kc, but it no longer makes sense, you gave it to him if I am not mistaken the third week of the server, I warned you that I doubt very much that he will pay you, without being a prophet it was fulfilled, and it gives me anger and pity, to think that for someone you are only worth 2000 of kc, when you are a great guy, and well let it go. there are snakes of snakes.
  6. El anvil es un tragamoneda, la casa siempre gana, solo a pocos les toca el premio mayor.
  7. Why are you happy to lose a great rival,DARAKOR, Gor is a character that along with my xbeaste,kytypride and the few humans, we kept the pk active during the nights, how to farm braverys if at night the orcs occupy the bowl at 100%, the egos are besieged by assassins, many times I get frustrated, but we keep rowing with GOR and those who love the server, or maybe DARAKOR, YOU WANT TO PLAY ALONE, without worthy rivals, that's not the PROKO.
  8. successes Bro, come back, when you can, there will always be ProKO.
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