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  1. Buenas tardes a todo el equipo técnico de Proko, abro el tema para pedirles encarecidamente que ayuden a un miembro de mi clan 300 "KILLER", el miembro en cuestión eliminó su arma personal +7, a las 4:50 am del 06/ 16/2022(destroyed in inventory), espero su atención gracias.@ nicos32
  2. muerete de viejo no de soplon, ahora te santificas, yo que tu ni comentaria.
  3. dramako started: sky: https://ibb.co/TYXfj4m dutshaze: https://ibb.co/ynK7ZBL last_killer: https://ibb.co/yFVL9qj if need i have video for more members
  4. Nothing has learn yet, after the embarrassing ban of a user who grew 9k braverys with the abuse of bugs, those same members started this and it is getting out of control, maybe some sanction to all the main accounts will reduce this practice something unfair.
  5. perhaps he has the same finger skills as mindkrash and other player :V
  6. I look forward to the battles in the heat of CZ, which I will refresh with the tears that are always shed in the forum... Clan 300 ready to defend the banner of Karus.
  7. thx for give the castle , next day post UP hp crystal!!
  8. Every free human is called to defend the castle of Delos, every free orc orc in service, lay down their arms and enjoy their family !!!
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