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  2. Biraz sakin olun, online olduğunda gereği yapılacaktır. Arkadaşlara iletildi.
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  4. Please report and post all screenshots off Offensive Language (racism, family, religion, or continuous insults to our forums. We will handle all reports.
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  6. priestimin bulundugu alanda trol berserker olmadıgını yakınında bile olmadıgı slota gelerek baka bilirsiniz ayrıca rule pozisyonunda çekilde ilk resimde aşıkar durmuyor mu ?
  7. priestimin tepesinde trol berserker var sizce bu kanıt degil mi diger resimde de bu adamın kim olduguna dair işaretleme yaptım hocam sizce yeterli değil mi bu kanıt ?
  8. This baby (LESZEK) always PMs and toxic for no reason and then PM blocks. I'm not surprised that someone who behaved so childishly would cry here after provoking people. He sent me too many toxic PMs. He may continue to do so from now on. I will post pictures of all of them on the Forum.
  9. The dog become mad.? i have some croquettes in case u hungry
  10. it's cz , not moradon , why cant kill people?are guys both fool or stupids?pls dont show people if u dumb enough, go make urs own server 1x pk map another 1x farming map.so dumb .
  11. yaw kafası calısan 1 tane gm yokmu izlese su videoyu , hakkını weren birini gm yapsalar ne güzel olur
  12. I'm done with you, everyone has seen what kind of a "man" you are, keep boosting your nps killing farmers bro, I bet it is super fun. Luckily you are dumb enough to show everyone your true colours, and just and a piece of advice next time try to use an understandable level of english so you dont end up looking like a fool.
  13. @LESZEKKKKKKKKKKKKu are toxic and swear other ppl, u lucky they dont report u, i hope u go orc and come kill farmers, i gonna be there waiting for u, ps nobody like u
  14. dont cry bro.. come buy raptor +8.dont say ppl item noob ,see yourrs item 1st.kids..:(
  15. refer ur words saying to me very very disrespectful . gm i think this person need to be mute 30days or banned or block pm forever. because he using other char to distrub other people too,,
  16. just tell u be nice to all player?why u cry here bro..dont cry pls..
  17. So because of some kid starts to cry in this forum and posts his side of the story i get muted?. This is totally unfair. I'm not justying the language i used on this "person" but It was not because i'm a toxic player at all or im just crazy, most of people that play with me on a daily basis can tell i'm one of the most polite and nicest persons in this server. This guy has been harrasing me for the past few days just because i beat him in 1on1 and had tp tp himself and i was ignoring him many people can testify about this including my clannies until i fell into his game, this guy wich is know by many people as a toxic person knew what he was doing and its unfair the staff didn't at least take my side of the story. @LESZEKKKKKKKKKKKK I'm adding here just a little bit of your true colours, a little proof of how much of a man you are, knowing im muted u still keep on harrasing?. YOU started a fight and tried to bully me it was YOU who started pming and asking for vs but when u noticed u found a bigger bully u come here and start crying? Well played sir, now everyone can see how much of a man you are. https://ibb.co/sKkwzDZ
  18. Hi guys, I would like to suggest that gold coins be stackable in the same way as rhodiuns and some other in-game items, is it possible? please please please
  19. your a funny man Mr Albert
  20. Can it get upper than this mr.@Aussie?
  21. @nikos32consider the suggested location, because bf rings everyone will try to make bdw rings as in the previous db, shouldn't bf rings be used by ppl?
  22. i can explain you why the current way how to gain bravery isent good there are players that like to be on a op nation and switch to it ofc usually there is a way to block it admin bring it that when one nation beein in cz outnumbers the other nation u cannot nt so if its 120 orcs and 80 human u cannot nationchange to orc but in the night or early morning time there is also time were humans are stronger in bowl so thats the time were orcs log human babas to still farm bravery and than its time for pussy humans to join the op orc side wich leadet into a huge fked up nation balance lately i seen many suggestion about bravery but none get to seen by any gm or admin team lately sad
  23. Merhaba, Şikayetinize dair yüklediğiniz kanıtlarda ben herhangi bir durum görmüyorum. Bahsettiğiniz durumla ilgili bir video kanıtınız varsa lütfen o şekilde bildirim yapınız.
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