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  2. Hey Nickos, since its almost Christmas when the server launches, maybe its possible to bring up Chrismas Moradon with the old Christmas Music. Atleast for me it would bring up unforgetable memories which we had in our good old days playing KO. You even could consider to do an event on christmas with those Cmas Trees which dropped ores, stars e.t.c back than we could turn these into Green Chests and other stuff. Dunno if its to much work for you but i surely would appriciate it if you could do such an Update. Curiosity
  3. Summarize of a server life; People want to pk with noob items Mages love noob players Mages kill crowd with aoe and enjoy it Melee get bored of dying under novas Melee quit No crowd to aoe and mages quit Then rip
  4. If melee players get denied from getting high class items for that much time, big chunk of them will get bored from mage supremacy. If low class items drop +1 and their upgrade limit is +7 also (and wood staff and other +8 drops are disabled), it would be okay but still not fine. Mages get more than enough power with paper sets and a weapon that drops from worms. 1 month is too much to get one shotted by mages and have nothing to beat them. Good luck with +6-7 bardish-cleaver against mage groups.
  5. Regarding to this subject, it's pretty much the first thing that come in my mind! I just hope the URL works, though. https://imgflip.com/i/87m19n
  6. What i experienced is people love pking with noob items more than elite items Correct me if im wrong
  7. I think you need to open this a bit sooner so the beta players cna find bugs. having a week is not enough. Last time too same kinda thing happened and things got delayed for relaunch.
  8. also increase the former month drops when you are in next month, so people can catch up with some effort. This will insure that people who joined late can also join the others.
  9. 4th month bf weapons, exc weapons and red/black chitins, +8 to the shells and high class weapons 5th month felankor, valk, blue shards, +8 to bf weapons, exc weapons and red black chitins 6th month blue shards (grages) 7th month legendary - jack and so on .... DO the same for wings as well. introduce bdw rings later like on 3rd month may be?
  10. Last week
  11. 1st month fp and low class weapons drop +5 upgrade to +8 chitin drop +1 upgrade to +7 middle class weapons to +7 shells and high class weapons no drop 2nd month chitin and middle class weapons drop +3 upgradable to +8 . High glass weapons and shells drop +1 upgradable to +7 3rd month high class weapons and shells drop +3 upgradable to +8 Chitins and middle class weapons drop +5 and fp drops +7 So beginners wont need beginner items i assume Bifrost after 3rd month and so on bla bla dont know after Time can be adjusted shorter or longer. what i mean is releasing things gradually becauase when shell 8 is available noone works for chitins.
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  13. не у всех есть доступ к paypal или epinKO. есть возможность добавить другие способы оплаты? например, через карту (включая российскую "мир" карту) или через криптовалюту.
  14. Crafted Mage Bifrost & BDW Rings are not able to be exchanged to Essences. It’s should be allowed. Or they should be able to be changed back to normal. Gelatinous Spawn dropping 1M coupon 10M coupon and 50M coupon in Rainbow Goblin Cave. Maybe 1M coupons can be replaced with more 10M coupons. Making Super Magic Hammer cost = 25M + 50 Magic Hammer + 25 PK stone + 5x merchant token but 1x acid pot is 2M and it decreases durability of an armor by 2000. Talias have 3000 durability. That’s not fair in my opinion. That is why I believe that the price of acid potion should be increased or durability of talia should be increased. @nikos32
  15. Reporting an issue: when you want to leave the Rainbow Goblin Cave Exit NPC asking you that if you want to be teleported to Moradon or Bowl. In colony zone map there is no problem. But on the weekends, in Ronarkland Map, when you click Teleport me back to Bowl, it teleports you RonarkLand Town, not to bowl. @nikos32
  17. Instead of adding commendent-guard in bowl, you can motivate people with better rewards to increase participation and keep importance of JM. like adding 3-4 drops in every mob in JM. Winning reward may be slightly increased. Rewarding Killing mobs good enough will help to avoid AFK issue. if possible 3x drop in box of 1st room mobs 4x drop in box of 2nd room mobs 5x drop in box of 3rd room mobs Bifrost mob drop rate can be increased like 30% than current drop rate. Since it’s a limited time and an open war zone, it’s should be rewarded better for players and farmers. It will help to not have lack of fragment issue in server. ( it will be worth to go for it always ) in this case there won’t be need for 2 type fragments. (Dark Fragment/Normal Fragment) Also exchanging gems and fragments with extra 15M idea should be reconsidered. If there is any drop rate percentage, it’s should be double checked since exchanging without 15m and with 15 doesn’t make any sense, like there is no difference or players do not understand it. But the idea of removing 15m from server with such a way is good. So a new system can be considered for it for this system to be keep working @nikos32
  18. @OsmanAmcasomeone asking for u https://www.instagram.com/p/CzOQW8-O7oc/ :d
  19. As we’ve seen some events are creating problems in the long term, there should be some alternatives for these things to never be a problem again. Essences & Braveries should be able to change to BDW FT and LNS coupons. ( you can take 1 bdw coupon with 1x or 2x from each essence type. Eg. 1x fire 1x ice 1x poison 1x lightning = 1x BDW coupon or other coupons. ) Coupons & PK Stones ( 25x pack ) can be added to Chaotic bosses with a low drop rate. Players should be able to exchange crafted mage rings back to normal. It is not logical to Craft Felankor Ring to Mage Crafted Felankor Ring when there is no way going back to normal. Same also for Bifrost Rings and BDW Rings. ( There can be a charge for it. ) If possible (only +8) Black & Red Chitins should be able to exchange to other classes anytime like Valkrie Armors, but can be charged with 1 silver bar each time. +8 Legendary Weapons should be able to exchanged to the other type of Legendary Weapon anytime. ( Can be charged with 1 Gold Bar ) Legendary weapon should be repeatable from 1 account. Nobody want to earn NPs for unnecessary side accounts. ( If its not possible to do, there should be non-tradeable NP Jar that we can transfer our NPs to our main accounts via Inn Hostess. ) Coins from any boxes can be lowered. Teleport gate teleport costs, upgrade costs and Enchant Scrolls, STR dex scrolls prices should be waaay too expensive than now. ( 10x teleport prices, 5x expensive these scrolls, 3x expensive unique items upgrade cost & 2x expensive unique accessories. Additionally there should be charge for every upgrade. Maybe 50K for low class items, 120K for middle class items and 240K for high class item no matter upgrading to +2 or +6 ) It will help to keep Server with lesser coins and to keep feeding Delos income. ( In this case Castle Siege Shouldn't be something that 3 guy can go inside and take the artifact sneakly. ) There should be Lunar War in a week day once. It will be nostalgic and good pk with invasion. ( Should re-arrange the time for, like 90 minutes war, 90 minutes invasion. ) Clan War should be renamed. It is not clan war it is 1 party from each clan fighting in a zone. If you can make an innovation to put 2 party from each clan in this map, clan war name is okay. Reward for clan war should be boosted. ( Maybe 2x platinum bar from every box if possible. ) There shouldn’t be commended-guard farm in bowl. This is killing the importance of JM. ( Gem reward of JM can be improved. 3x silver 3x red 3x yellow ) In order to avoid inventory problem with many reward there can be a voucher for each event. Winner can go exchange the voucher and get the rewards. Give JM Winner Voucher to NPC and receive 3x gem from each type or whatever + Ebony Brimstone whatever is gonna be added in the late. Or Give BDW Winner Voucher to NPC and receive BDW Coupon Green Chest and brimstone ebony silver ingot etc. Same for LNS) There shouldn’t be ego wratch gluttony lust sloth farm in bowl. This is killing the importance of Bifrost. ( Just some teams/clans going for ultima fight. ) Same voucher system can be arranged for Bifrost Collection Race. ( Fragment rewards can be improved. ) Abby’s gems should be able to be exchanged 50x or 100x at one time. ( like cardinal jewel / asga fruit) Otherwise it’s waste of time to exchange them one by one. Merchant tokens should be able to exchanged 50x or 100x at one time (like cardinal jewel or asga fruit ) if not enough room in inventory it won’t exchange. Archer damages still bad without torment. Farming alone should not be the best option. There should be farm option for strong parties. People are not preferring to farm with party. They make BP and go farm alone. Servant isiloon drop rate should be decreased. Mini dark mare drop rate should be better than Servant Isiloon but normal Dark Mare drop rate should be better than mini dark mare drop rate. Titan Drop rate, dark mare, booro drop rate should be same to make people to go for different farming options. ( All of the drop rates of these mobs can be higher than current drop rates. People are farming and failing on upgrade so they give up on farming. Give them more opportunity to farm more and fail more As we see that people are not able to make even +6 valkrie set. +7 Valkrie is exception even in the end game. All these steps can always keep farming alive if they are worth for it. So we can see more valkries after 6-7 months. ) Upgrade rate can be slightly decreased for +7 and +8. Trina should not be so easy. Beggining of server Trina system from the mobs were fair enough. I do not think that they should be decreased. Please leave them as they are right now. Rune of Ultima Voucher amounts/prices can be reconsidered. They are too expensive in my opinion. ( A little discount will be fine. ) People are not looting the material for exceptional items from Titans. ( in order to not skip someone’s drop turn ) And it leaves server with limited exceptional item market. There should be a solution for it. Maybe 50x titan rewards with 1x blue 1x red material? I have no idea what was the Brahman update for old uniques and I do not think it was worth to effort for it. Another system can be improved for it. ( People are not farming that many brahmans and do not spend Essences for Old Uniques. ) Exchanging Bifrost rings to essences might be reconsidered as increasing the amount of essence from each Ring. ( might be 8 essence from each ring ) Shio tears is the cheapest ring when you compare with the other Bifrost rings according to game dynamics. Maybe 5x ice essence can be exchanged to 1x fire or poison or lightning. ( so it will help people to reach to the other essence types with reasonable price since there is an alternative to create them with this way. ) Best wishes and good luck. @nikos32
  20. Hello @nikos32 please start the new server with the old version, if possible, no elemental damage supported jewelry, +8 should be turned off for at least 1 month, farm and upgrade should be a little more difficult, as we saw in the last server, when everything is started open, the server life is short.
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