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  2. these guys are afk 24/7 on the spots pincers scorpion in luferson/elmorad. probably illegal software or macro. screnshots: el morad https://ibb.co/h1gFXsM https://ibb.co/HXSkmKK characters: 1869 CH27 IbnuSina WhiteHouseBoss luferson https://ibb.co/FKRPWhD https://ibb.co/6w8J9Rw https://ibb.co/5BrwHGX https://ibb.co/c8bcDC5 characters: VEBA ByGarmi MUSEUM LastAssasiaN BERGGRUEN REU XNYYNX DarkStar
  3. nothing new for me, big difference between your words and my sentences, strange that you didnt notice that. Oh, you are not too smart.
  4. I am actually glad that I am educating you. You are copying my words. You will get there son, you will get there. Keep watching me close. Oh btw from now on, I will not only take a picture but record all of your bots too and report it every single time.
  5. lol and what about you? you joined 1 week ago and coming here to unfair report and eliminate stronger opponents. just get a life and stop be jealous, hypocrite and liar.
  6. Dude I just checked your profile. Joined 5 days ago and coming on this report to hardcore defending this macro guy and no other activity. You are obviously him. Get a life and stop leeching on ft.
  7. Reward is -2m now 10 bravery awards 10m by token U sell each 800k on merch U get 75 kills u lose 2m
  8. Yesterday
  9. generaly not, but i belive still exists smart people in this world, but u look really stupid you dont have idea about my mind, you just guess like always... from a psychological stand point you look like bot, i dont think you understand anything i wrote before
  10. 1 char on 1 pc allowed for FT or events anyway. Multi pc can login FT with gold premiums from same IP. That is adjusted for people who plays in public or home with family or friends. Thats why 1 from 1 IP is not good idea. Some ppl can play as team at home or cafe.
  11. I agree with the implementation of .warn command. It will definetly be abused. Also the FT registration is limited to only 1 character from 1 IP not 3. So pretty much obvious that there is a vpn involved since once I counted 6+ chars (cannot really see all because they just stand inside each other). Also if they are attacking only if the mobs are coming to them, it smells like a macro to me, which I know is not allowed either. Also Vinch, from a psychological stand point you are coming to this report and defending someone hardcore who you really have no idea of as far as I can understand which is very very weird. It makes me believe that you are actually him. Obviously you won't admit to it. However you should know that people are smarter than you think them to be. If cannot take peace you can enjoy chaos in your mind. However I will give a very nice quote from Lao Tzu: "If there is to be peace in the world, There must be peace in the heart."
  12. While we were worried and troubled about their watches, characters without armor and weapons have now appeared. The farm macro players you allow also enter this event and make us lose. This macro crew earns ten times our labor by the evening. As if that wasn't enough, he enters all the events and still earns extra. What he earns is not enough, he also makes us suffer. We can't finish the ft event many times because of them. We lose in jr because of naked players. The opposing race is probably doing it to make us lose. Otherwise, who would come that way? Even in the bifrost event, the macro team participates and becomes more profitable than us. If you always keep one eye on the game, you'll see what's going on. And this way you can make the game much more fair.
  13. It needs to be rearranged according to Türkiye time. No player from Turkey will be able to log in during that time zone.
  14. exactly, it's what i mean. why u guys talking and reporting about this if you don't have documents and knowledge. look schiz and crazy. it's extremaly to prove or just immpossible to prove your words, just empty words and empty screenshots, you didnt prove nothing. how you know this is one person... how you know used something illegal... and also same about my mother and her language, you dont know nothing about her, just put off your hands from my mother and other things what u dont understand! peoples dont reporting because many of these reporting are missed, they dont have knowledge and dokuments as you. so words against words without prove and dokuments, really you want like this? peace peace peace lol just empty words....
  15. 6 Jm 3 weekdays 2 jm per day Add 1 jm to 22.00 and make 2 weekdays 3 jm per day like ft Weekend time doesnt matter i assume Might be easy solution until u find a better one
  16. I agree, I'm also not satisfied with the event times. It's not just the JM event; all of them need adjustments. We can't change the events at 5 AM because they are attended by people from South America. The JM at 4 PM is intended for both Asian and European players, but it's true that it's not convenient for the Europeans who work late into the evening.
  17. Last week
  18. Yani aynı sistemi sen de kolaylıkla kurabilirsin bu kadar ısrarla üstüne gidecek bir konu değil. Yani nerdeyse adamlar senin işini elinden alıyor diye bu kadar sinirleniyosun diye dusunmeye baslayacagim. Küresel ısınma daha büyük bir sorun mesela.
  19. Well to be fair and honest that guy is attacking more than many others he just cant walk. If mobs come to them they always attack. We lose ft not because of this guy but bcz of only priest multi chars just healing themselves and others who use basic skills or not even attacking long time or logging many but playing only one of them. I guess some ppl get jealous of him taking many awards at some point. Thats why he is reported. If he is not using anything illegal he is free to do, also anyone is. IP registration limit for FT like 3 max or something can be done. And .warn usage will be abused in ft. Ppl will start to kick ppl they dont like. Im sure of that.
  20. Bro what the hell are you even talking about. I have no knowledge of the forums that you are talking about here. How can I report something that I have no information on. I am merely reporting something that I am experiencing with my own eyes. I think you are trying to insult me by direct translating from your mother language but it really doesn't work here. Your insults sounds quite absurd and to be honest but I will let it slide because your ideas are of no concern to me. I only came here for one sole purpose and which is reporting what bothers me and what I know it to be wrong. If you have other stuff to report you should do so instead of trying to insult me here. I mean if you are bothered by something and if you know that it's a violation, document it and put it on here like I did. You are doing both of us no good by randomly trying to insult my topic and starting an uncalled for blame game. I would gladly support your reports here when they are as justified as GMs find them to be. You are not my enemy or my opponent or whatever. If you think me as so, then I only wish you peace as you would be only creating enemies or someone to fight with in your own mind. Peace brother.
  21. lol why u dont report ko4life forum and others? they also advertsing sales gb on professionalko and Nikos dont accuse this sites, on the contrary support and cooperate with them. I think u have problem with understanding of "sells gbs in the game" but try again maybe someday u will understand, now ur brain look like child brain. I dont do it for support makro or sellers just trying understand this. I defending a logic, and you broken rules and trying make yours. Nikos keep hands on the game, dont let then make you their puppet.
  22. Why nobody report folk? What is my topic? Is this not considered a report? People are just lazy af to do anything. They just love reporting "oh look, he cursed at my mom" stuff. Little children topics. Even I didn't find enough motivation to do so. But got tired of seeing this on and on and on and gotten to a point of actually doing something about it. I reccomend you doing the same unless either you are defending these bots, or you just own them here. It is quite obvious what this guy is trying to achieve by doing this. Leeches on ft and probably turns the earnings into money and sells gbs. Which is also a violation of the server rules. From this point on I will document every damn bot on the server and even make a video of it and report it here. Which is what every responsible player should do to make the server a better place. And thank you Nico for actually doing something about it. At least our gms are not lazy.
  23. similar bots healing ur asses lol ! difference is in quantity... they used 4 ++ priests, u guys used 1 similiar priest in party... and sometimes can see atakers with folk lol. why nobody report folk? im really worried! look terrible, unfair dismissal of competitors. someday ft will be enabled just for turkey and will die! because they leave the game and go to turkish servers. all rest still be blocked, baned, or bored and tired of the liars. Nikos why u support this hypocrite Liars, they protect similar bots charakters in their party.
  24. phönix wings to early suxx realyyyyyyyyyy so hard they should be addet when 95% of all player have wing of war is so hard for any new player too to make this server now atractive to play should have defently first make poll about it first and not just randomly add aswell
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