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  2. Ninguno...estoy aburrido la verdad...
  3. (and sorry for being late, but i am a bit busy lately)
  4. Added a new clip,enjoy!
  5. https://ibb.co/cCdu9R https://ibb.co/koOaim https://ibb.co/mOfSw6 https://ibb.co/gs8cUR Also they killed me with 20 arrows in 1 second 2 times, while i was near teleport gate.
  6. estoy en el zone pero entré ayer para hacer un vs con un colega y vi tu post tu a que servidor te fuiste?
  7. No sabia ni que siguieras jugando...yo entro 1 vez cada semana o cada 2...lol
  8. golfa déjamela para un vs.
  9. its frozen on 20 ppl for long time, lets do something.. where is nicko, long time no see
  10. In the server there are total 20 people online everyday . I think you should ask them and re launch the server as soon as possible for rising back to 500 600 user . Me and my mage team we had really great time in server. (If you feel the same way , comment below and make sure the admin sees it.)
  11. Bifrost Event

    Looks like "Scheduled" Bifrost will be every Friday at 16:00 Server time and every Saturday at 22:00 server time... Tomorrow (Or when i will need to be away for work at 16:00) i'll make it start at 14:00
  12. S > SSE for 10gb PM me in game UFO/ImHungry
  13. Hi all folks, i am trying to schedule the opening of BF event... Consider that i will open it (manually, so shits may happen) twice a week... Which day/time you think it will be the best?
  14. I actually like it maybe we can figure out something
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