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  2. selling eagle eye +8 ingame McTp
  3. Ok,as it happen to me today after new month,i believe GiveMeYourSoul idea was not quite effective since new month new reset for ladder points,so i need to create new chicken account to earn ladder points every new months.100points its to big for new player like me as i keep dying at colony zone while earning ladder points and it take times to create bounch character for just ladder points.It will be helpfull if ladder points removed as requirement or not reset every month.I can't join FT today. T_T
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  5. Hello. Thanks for the attention of the administrator, but for solving the problem you still stayed. They also tried to reinstall the window and again it didn't change. Please help them lose hope that it will be fine.
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  7. This is not about its price or value. This is about its type. Almost every clubs, swords, and axes have 1.50 effective range; but, spear type of weapons have 2.0 effective range.
  8. even low item effective range 2.0 https://ibb.co/FYtfr3B @GM_Thanos it's a feature. It has 1.5 range for infernal breaker or more valuable items. This is a knight online error. we should fix this or fix them all
  9. Well I seen one group of farm in my almost 2 weeks here... Now I ran out of NP and can't farm anymore fkn fully geared sins camp farming spots. What can I say great time to play as newb.
  10. That it is obvious because of the Weapon range. I was being sarcastic
  11. i agree . im not that new anymore but i still have some shitty gear and im lucky that i have clan members to help or else i would of quit long time ago
  12. The "HELL NAH" is just me to be honest. even if I had shit gear I wouldn't farm, im just too lazy for it. There are plenty of farmers that u can farm with. but I do agree something must be done about beginners. it takes a long time for new players to become competitive in CZ which sux.
  14. Hello, There is nothing wrong with them. While the effective ranges of Raptor and Totomic Spear are 2.0, Hell Breaker has 1.50. That is why you cannot hit with Hell breaker.
  15. https://streamable.com/ky5h4b Hell breaker can't hit while other weapons hit farther i think there is an error
  16. Hello Alex, Welcome to this community. Myself, i managed to get my character halfway geared up as i want to and it took me some time to figure out a good and efficient way to collect money. What i did is make myself a second character being a mage and teach myself to solo (or in group) egos in cz. Yes it will take some time to learn how not to die and even so its a fast and good way to collect fragments. I usualy do it per hour with an oto loot scroll and diverse with pk in between. The humans/karus killing farmers can be quite annoying, it mostly depends on the hours when cz is busy
  17. oo engin söyleyin'de char'ı tekrar alsın bundan char'ı rezil etti bu. bide charda iron set var sizin iteminizi sizin clanını kullanıyor sonrada artislik yapıyor utanmaz.
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