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  1. lo siento, pero ninguna de estas fechas tiene información sobre Glacier Erenion +7 del personaje FULGORCITO tampoco. parte de la información que proporcionaste debe ser incorrecta. lo siento, revisé de nuevo y lo vendiste al NPC el 7 de mayo. Por favor, responde aquí cuando estés en línea.
  2. I sincerely apologize for the lack of content updates during this server maintenance. This is not something you are accustomed to from us, but due to personal issues, I was unable to deliver any updates this time. I hope to get back on track and provide the expected updates in the next maintenance cycle. You deserve better, and I want you to know that I truly tried. Thank you for your understanding. Fixed a rare issue where participants in the Deathmatch event could be placed in multiple ranking positions, leading to multiple rewards being granted. Fixed an issue where the use of Ladder Truck during CSW resulted in client crashes following the updates on March 31. Fixed an official issue where setting UI scaling to anything other than default would reveal a client crash issue during merchant setup after typing long messages. Added upgrade scroll's name to both item and accessory upgrade chat notifications. Added chat notifications for unique items obtained randomly via NPC exchanges. There have also been changes to the lunar war, announcement, basic attack, melee skill attack, archer skill attack, target HP, weapon defense, and clan systems. Nothing new about them, but if you notice anything unusual, please report it.
  3. necesito que me den una fecha, porque revisé hasta el 17 de mayo y no hay ningún Glacier Erenion +7 vendido a un NPC.
  4. it's not really advantageous (well, for the buyers, it may be), due to higher fees at higher prices than that. we might review them though in the near future.
  5. if you're still experiencing issues and @SOUL SLAYER's suggestion didn't help, then please copy-paste the soacslog.ext file and send it to me via a PM either here on forums or on Discord.
  6. issue resolved, for anybody else experiencing the same issue, please make sure that you have exactly 2 free slots in your inventory (no more and no less than that), it will be resolved later on with a live update.
  7. did launcher download all the client patches automatically and successfully? also, did you make sure that you clicked on the KNIGHT Letter Quest, and not on the PROFESSIONALKO Letter Quest? either way, please try again, and do let me know.
  8. Fixed an issue that affected our payment, livestreaming, and mail services following the updates on May 2nd. Fixed an issue preventing Snake Queen from spawning from Chaos Stone. Enabled the Gem Hoarder monster to spawn as intended. It spawns only in Colony Zone, not in Ronark Land. An effect will now be displayed for the top scorer during Deathmatch events. Prevented luring of Isiloon and Mini Isiloon bosses outside of RLB's bowl. Vice-commandant Guards have been added to the bowl of RLB. They drop chitin shell armor and JM gems. Colonial Ego monsters will now appear outside of the invaded homelands during Lunar War. Added personalized kill and death notices. Type .deathnotice to cycle through the options: All kill and death notices. Only your party's kills and your own kill and death notices. Only your kill and death notices. No notices. Added the option to change the elemental damage type of your Frostblade Staff of Choice using the Dispell Scroll. Added Luna's Piece, an accessory upgrade enhancement item. Boosts base success rate by an additional 10% for unique accessories. You must hunt 30 Riote, 25 Atross, 250 Giant Golem (CZ), 250 Raven Harpy (CZ), 150 Crimson Wing, 150 Troll Berserker to obtain one. The quest is repeatable. Added a pack of Premium Cure Curse (200) to the Power-Up Store. Available only to the Rogue class. They are non-tradeable. Added a pack of Premium Styx (200) to the Power-Up Store. Available only to the Rogue (archer) class. They are non-tradeable. Added a pack of Prayer of God's Power Scrolls (30) to the Power-Up Store. Available only to the Priest class. Unlike the regular ones, these are not removed on death/regene, zonechange etc. The active duration time of the regular ones has been reduced from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. Added Magic Hammer to the Power-Up Store.
  9. @boooooo0 hello, please try using Forgot PW again.
  10. Added an enhanced variant of high-class weapons (+7) and (+8) to the game, with 1 attack power and 4 elemental damage stats increased compared to their regular version. The weapons that support the enhanced version (in both their old and new skin) are: Mirage Dagger, Shard, Exceptional Shard, Glave, Raptor, Exceptional Raptor, Iron Crossbow, Iron Bow, Exceptional Iron Bow, Totemic Club, Mirage, Exceptional Mirage, Salamander Staff, Elixir Staff, Exceptional Elixir Staff, Totemic Spear, Exceptional Totemic Spear, Graham, Exceptional Graham, Deep Scar, Exceptional Deep Scar, Blade Axe, Exceptional Blade Axe, Impact, Exceptional Impact, Iron Impact, Exceptional Iron Impact, Priest Impact, Exceptional Priest Impact The Enhancement Scroll has been added to NPC Charon, required for upgrading your regular high-class weapon to the enhanced version, at a cost of 600k Coins. The enhanced weapons (+7) can still be upgraded to (+8) either using BUS or Trina and BUS, just like any other regular upgrade. A new quest has been added: Hunt down the GILL-MAN during the Deathmatch event and deliver the final blow to obtain the Deathmatch Cross. Visit the NPC Chaotic Generator to exchange the Deathmatch Cross for a randomly generated custom-crafted weapon. Introducing the KNIGHT Letter Quest: Your mission is to collect all the letters to spell KNIGHT by looting drops from various monsters. Completion of the quest rewards you with 15,218,948 XP, along with a Scroll pack of 1500 HP (30), a Scroll pack of 300 AC (30), and 2.5 million coins. This quest is not repeatable. In addition to offering Personal Weapons for 3 Tokens, an alternative exchange is now available at NPC Dede Korkut. For those willing to part with 4 Personal Weapon Tokens, they can receive a randomized weapon from either the Bifrost armory or the Juraid Mountain armory. Upon selecting the option, you will receive a random item from one of the two armories. Added a new option at NPC Lyra that allows you to reforge your Phoenix Wings for a different type of elemental damage at a cost of 10M coins. Added new beginners gear, obtainable through NPC Captain Kunabarl. Rare chitin and paper armors (+7) with lower AC compared to the normal ones. Rare high-class and paper weapons (+8) with reduced elemental damage compared to the normal ones. Rare shields (+2) with weapon defense abilities. Added the buff called "Eslant's Blessing" to the Power-Up Store. It provides 1920 healing every 4 seconds for 30 minutes. This buff is only available in the Eslant zone. It can be cancelled anytime by double-clicking on its active buff icon on the buffs' bar. Increased the ladder points required to sign up for FT, BDW, and JM events. Improved the anti-AFK detection for participants of the BDW and JM events when they are about to enter the Lobby zone. Corrected stats for the Flame and Glacier versions of the Exceptional Elixir Staff. Introduced a significant change to nation transfers (including Clan Transfers): Players from the less PK-active nation will no longer face restrictions on nation transfers. Instead of penalizing them by disallowing transfers, they can now use vouchers to switch nations. On the other hand, players in the overcrowded PK-active nation can now transfer for free. P.S. We're considering reworking the stats of the shield Syphioric and the Forgotten Necklace in a future update to improve their balance and effectiveness.
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