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  1. What did you like during your gameplay on ProfessionalKO ? What did you dislike ? What changes would you like to see ?
  2. Have you tried changing your character name in the past ? Can you tell me your character name please
  3. Christmas event is now over, [Sexy Santa] Parfait will be available in Moradon for a few more days. Online reward system has been added, KC reward on a random character every 2.5 hours. Kill-Gift event has been released, as long as there are 10+ users in CZ two random CZ characters will be rewarded with a random item every time 50 kills are achieved. Deathmatch event has been released, top 5 characters will be rewarded. Cavalries have been added, they can be found in CZ behind the towers (not guard towers but the visual towers that's outside). Bifrost event has been released, BF mobs have been removed from CZ bowl. Character deletion is now available again, its price has been increased up to 500 KC. Medals of Courage have been added, they can be found on deruvish, harpy, troll, stone golem, apostle, raven harpy, troll warrior, giant golem. Red and Black chitins have been added, you can exchange Medals of Courage on [Exchange] Medals of Courage NPC. Master items gambling has been added on Chaotic Generator, you can exchange Medals of Courage to obtain a random master item.
  4. I sent you a PM yesterday, take a look on it whenever you can
  5. Since master items are cheap now and we'll release the master items gambling quest on the next scheduled updates, we've no reason to "re-master" those who return to an old class state ?
  6. Since there are no guard towers or anything to prevent enemies from reaching "safe" bases, removing cooldown or making cast faster than it is right now would be a bad idea. Should we decrease the amount of PK stones required or let people obtain 'em as +5 (for example) ? How many PK stones do you suggest ? Someone already suggested to us the reward thingy and we've already noted this. There are 2 different rewards we're working on (1 that's daily and 1 that's hourly). Also we've the killgiftevent, that might come on the next scheduled update. I just gave instructions to Fluvius about how to start a war. Maybe we could add some quests for items that you can spend, like Trina's Pieces. Isn't a unique like WE too much as a reward ? We would like to boost drop rate on premium services as well as to work as a bonus (the way EXP, NP and Coin events work) but sadly drop rate is not editable Magic Hammer edit is a tough task but I've just noted this and we'll take a look on it. Character Deletion was abused from some people who wanted to cause trouble, so we disabled it to improve some its "back-up" system. It should be re-activated long time ago but we keep finding and patching new "abuses" about this feature so that's why it has been delayed. It will be available again, soon but I don't want to give a date yet as people will complain if we delay it again.
  7. We will include some of your suggestions on the next scheduled updates. Just, gotta wait until xmas events are over
  8. TheLastoftheMohicans SerlockHolmes Djuli were banned
  9. We're still looking for forum mod and game masters.
  10. Drop Rate of Dark Mare, Death Mare, Servant of Isiloon, Titan, Giant Golem, Stone Golem, Troll Captain, Troll Berserker, Troll Warrior, Troll, Falcon, Crimson Wing, Raven Harpy, Harpy, Dark Stone, Fallen Angel, Apostle, Deruvish has been improved. King Election has been started.
  11. Windows permission issue ? Try moving client folder from desktop to Program Files
  12. If you can speak -at least- two languages between English, Turkish and Spanish and you would like to become a Forum Moderator / Game Master Then feel free to PM me for more details. Keep in mind that GM power is limited. GMs job is to answer PMs and to ban cheaters. Also it's suggested to be online at least for an hour -daily-. GMs are NOT allowed to make any events (except participating at Kill the GM Event) or to teleport in event zones (FT) and in boss zones (Eslant). Once someone is chosen as GM, receives a file with rules. Any kind of abuse or long inactivity (for no -serious- reason), puts you out of staff.
  13. You bought premium service, it's automatically activated on your account.