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  1. I apologize for today's incident; there was a significant internet outage, leaving me without any internet, phone, or mobile data access for nearly 8 hours. and this literally happened a couple of hours before taking the server down for a server maintenance and the release of the RLB event. unfortunately, I was unable to inform anyone due to the circumstances. here's an official announcement I found: and a follow-up (I guess) announcement: given that it is already too late for a server maintenance tonight, we will be focusing on additional server improvements until, *hopefully*, tomorrow evening (there was a critical RLB issue found during our last test) or thereabouts.
  2. Yes, this is currently not possible. NPC TS boosts NP bonus during PvP, so I don't see why somebody would like to use auto loot with it anyways. We can remove the items you purchased and restore the KC to your account's PUS balance, or even to fully refund you (in case you paid for this reason). Edit: You were talking about NPC TS like hera, right?
  3. only in Abyss, and we do not disclose any drop list or drop rate information.
  4. @Roia this is very odd, it may take up to 24 hours to resolve, and either KC or scrolls will be restored once verified. I'm curious, did it happen instantly? from what I understand, you relogged to bypass the cooldown, and coincidentally, there was another character nearby (Yakgemileri?) that happened not to load in the region where you are.
  5. hesabınızın durumu iyi görünüyor görünüşe göre IP veya bilgisayar yasağı almış olabilirsiniz
  6. The only way for you to be able to recover your account's details is through email.
  7. @Dispatcher open and close PUS, Priest Black Chitin Armor Pauldron(+7) and Priest Black Chitin Armor Boots(+7) will then appear in your inventory.
  8. That's the plan regarding the RLB event. There will be 3 chaos stones, riotes, atrosses and possibly DM/Booro/Titan in there with increased drop rate too. So, the BF and JM monsters are also planned to be added in there once their events are released too.
  9. this change is also included, thanks for mentioning, updated the main post.
  10. Ronark Land Base event will be released on February 17. Bifrost event will be released on February 24.
  11. Fixes and improvements have been made to anti-macro/AFK detections. Boss spawn notifications have been turned off. Disabled the earning of ladder points in the deathmatch event. The ladder points have been reset. Double scoring per enemy kill for the nation with the lower score in the Last Nation Standing event. Fixed a bug causing the original party leader to continue to receive "the invitation to the party has been declined" messages after giving leader to another player. Fixed a bug causing merchant rewards to be (rarely) unintentionally distributed to players twice. Fixed a bug causing a player's kill count (used for website rankings only) to (rarely) unintentionally be reset on logout. Fixed a bug causing items to (rarely) unintentionally act like they were unsealed when logging in. Players that haven't yet accepted a party invite will no longer receive party loot notifications (they were never given any items). Updated the software mode cursor (used when scaling) to support all cursors like the Windows cursor. Fixes the issue with the invisible cursor when using the Duration Increase Item. Improved some official server behaviour to reduce server load, improve timings and prevent potential issues from cropping up during runtime. Fixed an issue where transferring clan leadership would, sometimes, result in the error message "Clan Leader promotion failed." even when there were no mistakes made in selecting the assistant. Ronark Land Base event will be released on February 17. Bifrost event will be released on February 24.
  12. ya hesabınız bir nedenle engellenmiş, ya da bilgisayarınız yasaklanmış.
  13. @Stophia his character is banned, and no items will be restored. avoid sharing your account as it also goes against the rules. @Ojo @OsmanAmca you should be more careful about whom you recruit to your clan and whom you trade with and help next time, considering that you knew you were dealing with a kid. suspicious characters unbanned.
  14. 16 Shared or purchased accounts Will receive no Customer Support and can lead to Permanent Ban
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