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  1. @GhosTsReapeRI don't see anything wrong, have you tried rebooting your PC ?
  2. I did not say I don't care, I said that you glitched it to get inside the tree on purpose. I was watching you for almost 2 hours, at first you indeed were outside but then after you went inside the tree you did not bother to leave, you continued moving around and used hide skill inside the tree. So let me ask you, what have you been doing in there and how this is not a reason to not give you a strike ?
  3. visual bug, the cast time is 1.5 sec just as shown on that video clip which seems legit.
  4. The point is that players don't PK for the rewards, I don't see why a shell armor +4 is useless, unless everyone now has shell set +8 and I'm not aware of it ? Sure it is not a good reward like a trina's piece or a blue treasure chest but it's better than nothing right ?
  5. Boosted exchange doubles the chances for a good item reward. e.g. if regular rate is 0.30% then boosted is 0.60%.
  6. It was you who used AreYouScared's account to shout that you're selling char with 1m NP.
  7. elemental damage does not work only with R (basic attack). Dependent on target's resistances. Not sure yet.
  8. elemental damage increases based on total elemental damage and staff's AP but not by a lot in order to keep it balanced with non-elemental items.
  9. You know very well why you've been banned. The fact that you know the reason but you still dare to come over here and pretend you know nothing means a lot. illegal sales, you're not getting unbanned.
  10. King election has started. Reduced the HP and AC/Resistance stats of Bifrost Monument by 10% and 5% respectively. This is in addition to the nerf in the previous server updates. Slightly increased the time needed between each attack before you are sent to jail zone, during the Forgotten Temple event. Removed the IP restriction when registering to FT and BDW (and JM in the near future) events for accounts with active premium service. Fixed an issue that prevented some characters from being sent to Delos town during the Castle Siege War. Feedback required but we are almost certain this is no longer an issue. Corrected a visual stats issue of Black Crimson Helmet (+5). Added UI confirmation when exchanging the Stones of PK at NPC [Exchange] PK Stones. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Krallık seçimi başladı. Bifrost monument HP ve AC/Rezistleri sırası ile %10 ve %5 düşürüldü. Bu önceki güncellemedeki değişikliklere ektir. Forgotten Temple etkinliğinde jaile gönderilmeden önce saldırılar arasında geçen süre bir miktar artırıldı. Aktif premium servise sahip olan hesaplar için FT ve BDW (yakın zamanda JM) etkinliklerine kayıt olurken IP kısıtlaması kaldırıldı. Castle Siege War sırasında bazı karakterlerin Delos towna gönderilmesini engelleyen bir sorun giderildi. Bununla ilgili geri bildirim gerekli ancak bunun bir sorun olmadığından neredeyse eminiz. Black Crimson Helmet (+5) görsel stat sorunu düzeltildi. PK taşları NPC'de değiştirilirken kullanıcılar için onay arayüzü eklendi (NPC [Exchange] PK Stones)
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