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  1. MevsimsizKaR ZorSaatLer StanWawrinka Sayk0 JohnHenry Xena ::MenPoweR:: Rava_Arph Morpheus BigBadWoLf IPeleuSI _AngeLCoLd_ lChang3sl Obviously the cheater logged into your account, I don't know why you're denying it.
  2. First of all, thank you for your patience and your understanding in these 14 days. Since we failed to provide you with game updates the last 2 fridays, I think that you deserve at least to know what's going on. Here's a quick list of the upcoming updates (no ETA) which shall be applied in a few days : Fix about the coins required when upgrading the Scorching and Chaotic staffs (and for any other item which hasn't been reported until now) Fix about the upgrade issue for Oasis staff. Fix about the issue with unique monster notice which is triggered upon master stone's destruction and from the master summon scrolls. Disable the casting of mages' staff skills when king's scepter is equipped. Prevent the completion of Quests/CR (and request from player to kill the last monster again) when character is trading. Fix of MP recovery for weapons equipped on left hand. A new "C" button next to Q(uests) and P(US) with all game commands listed and explained. Drop rate increase for the mage black chitin armor. New BF, BDW and Felankor rings (strictly for mage class) with higher elemental damages. The items req. to obtain those rings will be normal rings (BF, BDW or Felankor rings) and Rhodiums. Improved bravery award system so abusers will need to walk in longer distance than they do atm. Replace Spirit of Genie at PUS with a voucher. Fix the coordinates when characters are teleported back to homeland after a war's invasion is over or after losing the war. Improve the R-hit system for the Rainbow Goblin. Fix camera zoom-out limit when character is transformed into a monster. Add Merchant Reward Token [2] to Token [1] exchange option. Add daily quests for master bosses in bowl with bravery award as reward. And after this, we plan to work on these: Remake Clan War's registration system (clans often used to report about some clan members who couldn't be teleported to the event's zone in previous launch) Complete the 1vs1 event system. Add warning system which will allow BDW and JM participants to report the players who are AFK or naked etc. I will keep this topic unlocked in case you have any questions or to leave feedback. Öncelikler bu 14 gün içinde gösterilen sabır ve anlayış için teşekkür ederiz. Son 2 Cuma günü size güncelleme sağlayamadığımız için, en azından neler üzerine çalıştığımızı bilmeyi hak ettiğinizi düşünüyorum. Birkaç gün içerisinde uygulanacak olan güncellemelerin kısa listesini aşağıda bulabilirsiniz. Scorching ve Chaotic staffları upgrade ederken gerekli olan para ile ilgili düzeltme (ve şimdiye kadar bildirim yapılmamış diğer tüm eşyalar için geçerli) Oasis staff upgrade etme ile ilgili sorunun düzeltilmesi. Master Stone kırıldığında ve Master Summon Scroll kullanıldığında ekranınıza düşen uyarı yazısı ile ilgili düzeltme. Krallık eşyası kullanılırken mage classının staff skillerinin kullanımının devre dışı bırakılması. Karakterler takas yaparken Görevlerin/Cr'nin (ve oyuncunun son canavarı tekrar öldürmesi gerektiğinin) tamamlanmasını engellemek Sol elde kullanılan silahlar için MP recovery düzeltmesi. Q(uests) ve P(US) simgelerinin yanına tüm oyun komutlarının listelendiği ve açıklandığı yeni bir "C" simgesi eklendi. Mage black chitin zırhlarının düşme oranının artırılması. Daha yüksek elemental hasara sahip yeni BF, BDW ve Felankor yüzükleri (mage class için). Bu yüzükleri elde etmek için gereken yüzükler (BF, BDW veya Felankor yüzükler) ve rodiumlar olacaktır. İyileştirilmiş bravery award sistemi, bu sistemi istismar etmek isteyenlerin daha uzun mesafe yürümeleri gerekecek. PUS'taki Spirit of Genie kuponla değiştirme. Bir savaş baskını bittikten veya savaşı kaybettikten sonra karakterlerin kendi bölgelerine ışınlandığındaki koordinatlarda düzeltme. Rainbow Goblin için R-vuruş sistem geliştirmesi. Karakter bir canavara dönüştüğünde kamera uzaklaştırma sınırının düzeltilmesi. . Bowldaki master bosslarına ödülü Bravery Reward olacak şekilde günlük görev eklenmesi. Ve bundan sonrasında şunlar üzerine çalışma yapmayı planlıyoruz: Clan War kayıt sistemi (oyuncular genellikle önceki sunucumuzda etkinlik bölgesine ışınlanamayan oyuncular hakkında şikayette bulunmuştu. 1vs1 etkinlik sisteminin tamamlanması. BDW ve JM etkinliklerine katılacak oyuncuların AFK veya çıplak oyuncuları rapor etmelerini sağlayacak uyarı sistemini eklenmesi. Herhangi bir soru olması veya geri bildirimler için bu konuyu kilitli tutmayacağız.
  3. @SkerataryuSYou actually meant on left hand, right ? Because it's already working on the right hand. A fix will be applied on next server maintenance about the left-hand issue anyway, just wanted to make sure if that's what you really meant.
  4. The question is "Do you want items to be upgradeable to +9 at a very low upgrade rate ?" There's nothing mentioned about +1 - +8 upgrade rates, so no boost to +8. But even if you really had such a question then you could have asked any of the GMs in here or in game. Taking into consideration that +7 to +8 upgrade rate is at 1% then very low rate could mean anything between 00.01% to 00.10% but smth between 00.02% and 00.03% is more ideal, but then again, that's just my thought and I'm not the only one in the staff. But until the poll is closed and in case there's a fair amount of players who wish items to be upgradeable to +9 then we'll discuss about it further. It is what it is, the poll is there, if you've any questions about anything, you can ask and the GMs will reply to you sooner or later, that's their job after all. If you do not want to vote that's still fine, because it means that you don't care and that you're okay with any result.
  5. The questions are quite clear and needs no complications. We usually start polls for updates which may affect a big part of the playerbase. We cannot share any information because there's actually no information for share until the moment we close the polls (which remain open for a week up to a month). We could add a button redirection to a forum topic with more info about the possible changes but as I said, we do not have more information to give. What you want is me to actually start analyzing every parameter and start saying: "this is a huge change, so 50.01% yeses are not enough but we need at least 70% or 80% or 90% of those. also maybe we gotta check out how many of the voters actually had a PK active mage in their account. also make sure to compare the final poll results with the real ones (no proxy / no fake acc / no friends' acc voting from same pc/ip and so on). or if 50% accounts vote yes then we'll increase this item's STR by 5, if 75% accounts vote yes then we'll increase this item's STR by 10 and we'll add this item requirement to the quest, if 100% accounts vote yes then we'll increase item's STR by 15 and AC by 5 and add it in bosses drop list" What you're asking is not possible, we cannot predict all possible cases in every poll we make because poll has to be closed first in order to do that.
  6. @NatsuDragneelopen and close PUS and then Foverin will appear in your inventory.
  7. It does make sense. Newcomers don't have lower stats and more effort is needed from the old players to make +1's.
  8. It'll be harder for the staff to keep track of players killed and to ban the abusers.
  9. Unusual activities detected between EyesOnTheSky, Payton and you. You've been unbanned. Change your account password.
  10. He's banned from forums until Friday, you should better contact him in game.
  11. @FermuriaNopen and close PUS and then your personal weapon +7 will appear in your inventory.
  12. We're going to reduce the respawn time of RBG for the next 2 weeks.
  13. On-topic, Your FP was not deleted, it was sold to NPC. It didn't happen on June 10 but on June 09. @Innocenzioopen and close PUS and then Warrior FP DD Helmet (+6) will appear in your inventory.
  14. Thanks for your feedback. GM_Thanos will soon have the authority to restore items himself. However, there will still be a delay up to 24 hours for players to receive their mistakenly deleted/sold items. Keep in mind that we are not obliged to restore this kind of items anyway, we do this as a goodwill from our side.
  15. @Raspberryask him to open and close PUS and then Dark Vane +7 will appear in his inventory.
  16. @BigHunter open and close PUS and then 1H Javana+7 Axe will appear in your inventory.
  17. It has only been 27 hours, not 2 days But yes, it's going to take a while.
  18. Tools made specifically for Knight Online (e.g. capslock, zen autobot, kozy) and tools with pixel/color/image detection (e.g. jitbit macro recorder, quick macro) are not simple keyboard and mouse macros, so they are considered as 3rd Party Tools (aka bots). It is not allowed to use them in ProfessionalKO, and by using them, you violate our Rules of Conduct and you risk getting permanently banned in all of your accounts (including shared accounts) as well as a permanent IP and PC ban. Özellikle Knight Online için yapılmış (capslock, zen autobot, kozy gibi) makrolar ile piksel/renk/resim yakalayabilen (jitbit makro kaydedici, quick makro gibi) makrolar basit klavye ve mouse makroları olmadığından bu tip makrolar 3. parti yalıcım olarak (yani bot olarak) algılanır. Bu tarz uygulamaları ProfessionalKO'da kullanmak yasak olup kurallarımıza aykırı olduğundan hesabınızın süresiz olarak kapatılmasından IP/PC bana varana kadar yaptırım uygulanabilir.
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