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  1. You must be working @ IT or computer sience .. what a great answer i love it.. fantastic reply dude. much respect to you.
  2. It looks like some people are using auto tp / Macro tp,, stagnating a mage somewhere and gets auto tped when HP dropped below 20/30 %.. There was a warrior farming mini dm,, i forgot his name.. Each time you dmg his hp to 30% he perfectly gets a TP. Did anyone else noticed this? Is this legal?
  3. Hi All, I would like it, to be checked and report people who are using illegal tp handling.. I saw a couple of people using this kind of tp way.. There are a few people who are using a macro tp... I really don't know how and which program they are using.. Maybe somone can enlight us on how they manage this kind of illegal tp programming? Did you guys notice it also? Thanks in advance.
  4. Yeah it didn't drop anything special the last days.. probably it will drop in a few days something special.. man so hard to get good drops these days.
  5. He was a very good priest before.. maybe his char got bugged hmmm.. kinda looking funny. Wtf??
  6. Support to my friend.. arkadasa destek.. topic up…
  7. yeahh wohooooo... so the drop isnt bugged.. congratz Lagertha! nice drop pal.. enjoy it...
  8. Yeah some people camp with several accounts… to kill all those bosses indeed..he could put effort on it indeed.. well hard work payed off I wanna congratulate this man.. nice drop.
  9. Wow nice… so it drops once in de 1000 maybe.. damn what a luck this guys has..
  10. Guys, just to clarify, whats the drop rate of an Iron necklace from Snake Queen and an iron belt from Talos… ik killed a hundred times these bosses.. best drop i got is an amulet of dex and an elfbelt.. droprate 0.001% or 0.00000000001 %?
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