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  1. Update, someone sell me items aq
  2. About common good is make a pt assas to stay bowl and after 1 week post about this problem.? as i said i hope rainbow be like before that need a lot R to kill it, read a little is good to health
  3. Assas kill it with 2 R i think, warriors with 3 if i dont remember, mages and priest idk to be honest, but also idk why u just made a post after 1 week, look like ur guys cannot ks it anymore, i saw ur clan kill it a lot times with assas, idk why suddenly u care about it, look like cannot kill it anymore Ps i hope rainbow be like few weeks ago that need a lot R to kill it (all class same dmg at rainbow)
  4. Isnt about upgrade, is about u cannot tank weapons +9 bro, i have iron neck + skeleton belt + wing of good + dual we + bdw flame, and is hard tank dual shard +8 imagine now one rogue with dual shard +9 is 114 ap is so much and pain, u cannot do nothing
  5. I think items +9 gonna be bad, atm with iron neck + skb + wog is hard tank dual shard +8 (101 each hand) imagine now shard +9 114 ap, or raptor +9 205 ap, first need fix problems about farm, titan, booro and dm are useless atm
  6. Is only skins, shell good cos high def, red, black, normal chitin or shell have same ress stat 5 flame, light and ice
  7. If u wanna know the true, shell are better that red or black chitin
  8. If put trance at discord i disband my clan and join u
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