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  2. Sell 30 trinas, buy iphone
  3. As i said a lot time ago, light feet should be fixed, my main is assas, but have 1 second cold down at light feet, isnt normal, also if i dont remember nikos said he should delete the cold down then can put normal cold down again, it should take time, but i hope he put normal light feet again
  4. @GLaDiaToR888what i translate is what V55 write to him at PM
  5. @GLaDiaToR888 how fucking old are u.? fcking peruvian moron son of bitch if u born at mexico i kill u fcking stupid useless ur guys are a shit fcking childish peruvians
  6. http://img-s2.onedio.com/id-52277f7a23c27a0c49000023/rev-1/raw/s-095f4ca4e3563806211572b340904df5861ff9ef.jpg
  7. 0% drain dmg at felankor, put respaw place as isiloon (random bowl) add big fela with dmg 4k+ at novas and hit as isiloon
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