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  1. Would you like me to open a rogue, come to arena with you and show you how to play sin? Btw, if you say "YES" take in consideration that a GM will be present and will tell if there's something un-legit
  2. What Am I supposed to learn from this?
  3. Well it's pretty shame that you guys are only defending yourselves in this matter. I mean, it's obviously ridiculous that you waste your time on disturbing other's matters by using dirty tools. P.S GamblerS have nothing to do with this pole, it was 100% my initiative and it seems like you guys will only proceed so Imma make life hard for you from now on. P.P.S Is it really fun for you to press one button and watch your champion VS? I mean... Like me and many other sins, we actually busted our asses off to practice and become good sins, unlike you guys. Have a wonderful weekend and a lot of love!
  4. @B4NGS4T @Zaknafein @KimSachi
  5. Hello, This is a more of a sarcastic pole, nothing personal of course, and no hate towards the players but.. You log your archers especially to lure bosses..? I mean come on... Ain't Macro enough?
  6. Hello, Since gems are obviously easy to get by killing Vice-Guardians in bowl, I thought adding a better kind of the original gems could be nice. The gems should contain High-Class items and Juraid Mountain items, however boosting the chance of getting Juraid Mountain items should be increased. I also recommend adding Silver / Ebony / Brimstone ores (Not ingots) to the mobs themselves. Thanks, Tomato
  7. Of course it brings advantage, but also for mages who can attack from far, or warriors that can provoke it etc. The point is to make it earnable for the first person who notices it, and now the last R hit.
  8. I couldn’t disagree more with you. As a member who played in this server since 2014, I’ve witnessed all sorts of RBG and it was the best in my opinion.
  9. Hello, I feel like the "new version" of the Rainbow Goblin is a bit frustrating, especially if you're the one who finds the mob and this is why: 1) The population of the server isn't what it used to be, there's no need to make it hard to kill. 2) More than 50% of the players on server have Wings of War already, it will ease the others who don't, to get it as well. 3) It's more exciting when the mob is one hit Doing "R" attack function in order to kill it seems like a mechanism that's built on luck, not even timing. I suggest to bring back the old Rainbow Goblin system that let's u kill it with one hit. Thanks in advance, Tomato.
  10. True, But since there isn't the same amount of merchants in Moradon it shouldn't be happening again.
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