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  1. @nikos32 I hope everything's all right man. Good job.
  2. I think it's a MYKO server. If 75 and +2/9 comes out it will lose the point. Maybe release new weapons or something, but in my opinion increasing the level to 75 will change nothing :P
  3. Well the rewards on the last version weren't worth the act so yet people remained afk. It could increase the activity of people there, but there's nothing better than damaging afk players
  4. Hello, I'm sure all of you heard about the problem in FT where at least 20% of the people who are in it, simply put their characters AFK or on "T" mode and don't help. My suggestion is to add a minor damage every few seconds, as if there's gas in FT zone (Like in the maze part at Bifrost in USKO). If this effect is too much to ask, could simply add more Hobgoblins on more stages, that would do the same impact. The goal of this idea is not to make FT harder, but to make everyone in it participate. Thanks in advance, Tomato.
  5. Hello, I've decided to sell my dual DVs+8. Once they're sold, I will be selling my Shells+8, dual Imir Rings+1 and dual HR+1. I am willing to sell them as dual only and for items or GBs in-game. Feel free to send me offers via PM here on forums, or in-game, I will be using the same nick there. Thanks in advance, Tomato.
  6. That's just incorrect. Visual bugs that appear in this game and this server in particular don't have the same distance as the hit happens on the screenshot above. This visual bug happens on sincere smaller distances.
  7. As I said in the beginning of the pole, I am not expert in diagnosing this sort of things. Whatever conclusion that will come from nikos's investigation will determine what happened there. My point is that visual bugs do exist, but the distance of the hits been dealt to my character are ten times bigger than the normal visual bugs that are happening regularly. Lots of love
  8. That's guaranteed. There are many occasions that people are using third tools and all sorts of dirt in this server under our noses. Most of them are unfortunately not reported or recorded.
  9. There's a difference between visual bugs or bad network and abusing. This is definitely a point where the user is obviously abusing something. Hitting from unreal distances as he pleases, it didn't happen once or twice today, it went for so on. I have been playing KO for a very long time, I've seen visual bugs and I've seen skill abusers. Knowing when it's dirty isn't too hard on this point.
  10. You have been replying to all of my latest posts for some reason, though I do wish you'll finally find a better source than Google Translate. I certainly do not envy this guy nor the ones you've mentioned. Huckle, Oxijean, Geek are the most legendary sins I've witnessed here on this server, they are absolutely phenomenal and each of them had taught me their playstyle. I never said I am the best assassin on the server nor ever will, but I do not consider myself as someone without skills. Saying that TeacH is "the best killer" comes directly from being related to this player
  11. Hello, After having a series of pk against TeacH, I've noticed a few unreal actions. First, he towns instantly as a target comes towards him; could be ctrl v town, but meh. The other thing I've noticed was his "distance hitting" which is useful for him while chasing targets. I don't understand much about hacks and how they work, but come on, even the dumbest amongst us could tell. Thanks in advance, Tomato. @nikos32 @TeacH
  12. He wasn't wearing any, Besides I have got iron set + wings of god + 2x DV+8 + 2x Imir+1. Even if he had worn DD helmet + talia with DD he wouldn't be able to beat me especially with 95% of health.
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