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Crafting Ares's Necklace, Thanos's Necklace and Observer's Necklace

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  1. Items required
  •  1 x Forgotten Necklace +1
  • Crafting Forgotten Necklace +1 will require 3x Forgotten Necklace +0
  • Ares Necklace requires 50x Ebony Ignots, Thanos Necklace requires 50x Refined Brimstones, Observer Necklace will require 50x Silver Ignots. Black and Red Chitin armor can be obtained from Booros in CZ/RLB
  • Melting down Black or Red Chitin, Chitin Shell armor +6/+7/+8 will award you with a random amount of Ore and Ingots.
  • Smelting 5x Ore produces 1x Ingot
  • 500 Stones of PK
  • 250x Merchant Tokens [1]
  • 250x Medals of Courage
  • 150x Bravery Awards
  • 5x BDW Coupons 
  • 1x Rhodium 


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  • GM_Phobos changed the title to Crafting Ares's Necklace, Thanos's Necklace and Observer's Necklace
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10 minutes ago, OsmanAmca said:

Is Magic Power Bonuses we receive from unique items effect mage damages? On nova or staff damages?  @GM_Thanos  @nikos32


Nova and other magic skills are being increased while MP bonus is increasing.
Staff skill has 2x damage as you see. One is magical the other one is physical. MP bonus increases staff skill's magic damage, STR bonus increases your staff's physical damage. But, 85-90% of your total damage is magic, maybe you do not see the difference.

Out of all, keep in mind that your staff's attack power also has an effect to increase your magic damage. If these are not enough, I can explain in TR too.

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8 minutes ago, tmodular1ty said:

Yes, but MP bonus and accessories do not work in PK. While STR, INT, HP and DEX ALL work in PK zones. This should be looked at. 

Thank you for your explanation. @GM_Thanos This was actually what i was asking. MP Bonus works for MOBs but do not work in PK, right? If yes, I wonder why and I can say that  this is not fair.

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