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  1. He says he lost his shell+7 warrior boots,he thought he sold to npc with other items but it wasnt this,and today his warrior lost +7 chitin aswell,he claims to be lost 2.5 GBS.He requests for help. Name: Mandela
  2. Also you should learn what im talking,ive tried to fight F40 and its absolutely insane the dmg archers doing with elemental rings,its stupid actually.And it looked to me that combo was working perfectly since my hp went down from 4850 to 1300 in like 2 seconds. And i dont see any issue with the helenid in video,i see a sin walking backwards,obviously you wont hit all the arrows rofl.
  3. Hahahaha DEVO,aka F40,a guy with 2x shio tears and a helenid+6,208 dex,not even full dex accesories,hitting on my screen 250+ per arrow,on his screen its 300 dmg per arrow,300x5+300x3,1500+900 and he ASKING FOR A BOOST ON ARCHERS?HAHAHAHAHAHA
  4. Lol if u boost archers then boost sins aswell since i do 700 dmg with my best skill and then 200 200.Plz stop,archers spam on me 550 lol,and i cant win a vs against an archer cause of 5-3..wtf else you want?You want to fly?add a skill so they can fly.
  5. Ah alright,so foverins are working fine like rest of rings?well dunno i really tried on mobs and i do same dmg with it and without it..thats why i made this post...
  6. Ur the one not understanding anything at all,just by saying that its a rogue server when clearly its a WARRIOR server,and im sure u play warrior. A rogue in this server cant do anythimg alone,only against newbies,other than that its useless in pk parties,most population are warriors.
  7. I hope your just kidding,cause warrior with hell breaker+7+2x flame rings got 140+30+30,which is more than someone with shards+7,+8+ foverin So if i go 2x personal dagger+6/7+2x flame rings i will have 60-70 +60-70+30+30,whats the difference lmao? No sense.
  8. Cant see the photos..please upload to imageshack.us or tinypic.com or somewhere else...
  9. Absolutely agree with this.Server needs more events and more stuff to do,also juraid wouldnt be a bad choice.
  10. Ok so,i spent 8 gbs in a foverin since bif rings should be working,the thing is im testing it on BF Fragments in CZ,and it doesnt work,im doing the same exact amount of damage with it and without it. Another thing,why Foverin gives only 10 Poison Damage while Flame Ring gives 30 Flame Dmg,Shio 30 Glacier dmg and Imir 30 Lighing dmg? Why do Foverin do less dmg?....
  11. 19 years?how is that possible?knight online is 16 years old
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