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  1. Ninguno...estoy aburrido la verdad...
  2. No sabia ni que siguieras jugando...yo entro 1 vez cada semana o cada 2...lol
  3. Or remove them from bowl....anyways its pretty much over.
  4. Could anyone explain me what the hell happened here?why losbter and july arent gms anymore?
  5. Selling: -GIGA 2H+7 -Warrior Chitin Helmet+8 -Warrior Chitin Pauldron+8 -Warrior Chitin Shell Boots+8 -Warrior Chitin Pads+8 -Warrior Chitin Shell Gloves+7 Buying: -Exceptional Iron Impact+8 -Priest G1/Paper DD and all defences(spear,axe,club,arrow etc) -Dol+8 -Exc Impact+8/Exc Graham+8
  6. I think ice/light skills for archers should be added aswell.
  7. Offer dual w.e and shell boots+8?
  8. If u cant sell as set,ill buy pads and gloves.
  9. I buy chitin pad and glove for 8gb each,if u want let me know.