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  1. https://www.hizliresim.com/g5smh3f Benim kestiğim slota party olarak gelip ks yapmaya çalışan soysuz last hit alamayınca söylediği şey. PM'e bakıp yanlış düşünmeyin.
  2. Bu arada bu kelimenin doğrusu da "maruz" değil "mazur".
  3. One of our clan member sold his item to CZ Sundries by accident. He is much older than me and doesn't know how to use forum so I am talking behalf of him. Is there any help can we get please ? InGame Nick: LivRi Approximate time: 16:30-17:30 (GMT+3) Item: Dark Vane +7
  4. Too many suggests on Braver Award System. Your ideas are also reasonable and i asume Game Master Team will consider on it. I totaly agree with your suggestions.
  5. Arkadaşa hakkını vermek lazım, ne eksik ne fazla. Çok güzel düşünmüş.
  6. You can convert your Token[3] to Token[2], they explained that. And also they release patch notes about bravery awards but it's not clear for now.
  7. Any news about what kind of changes happend on bravery awards ?
  8. List is up to date... Price is not important if you give a reasonable offer.
  9. Ben de kullanmıyorum ama karşı olduğumdan değil, kullanabilecek macro bulamadım. Paylaşabileceğiniz, önerebileceğiniz bir şey var mı ? Bu öneri legal midir ondan da emin değilim.
  10. I agree with him. There are too many afk cheaters in bowl, glitching, waiting behind the objects, hiding in the wals. They are abusing bugs and earning money with bravery awards. Actually I realy love the struggle when lvling up or gearing and realy okey with getting 2000 bravery awards. But this bravery farm is causing players to cheat and abuse. Evenmore they are earning real money from it. It makes me feel like a fool, if you have enough time and enough amount of computer, you can easily use glitches and cheats and getting stronger. So GM Team should find a way to prevent this and add something different to farming braveries.
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