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Dev Diaries #1

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6 minutes ago, Toma said:

I think there are some mistakes in the system, for example, when I come across a team that doesn't like me in the same party, they can deliberately report me  I think some things need to be worked on

There must be a reason for them to not like you. The only abusive way would be if 6 people from the same clan join in to the same event party, which isn't impossible, but is rare. That's why we have a support and report section in our forums though. But if you have anything specific to suggest then you're free to do so.

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for pvp events JM and especially BDW must have a higher item/NP criterion because usually the team that loses is because there is someone without any items, who ends up becoming a dead weight for the whole team I don't know how it could be, having all +7 items at least unique wouldn't be able to explain a higher amount of ladder points maybe. I didn't want to exclude people from participating in the event, but it's also not fair that all teams lose because there's a person who doesn't help at all and can't stand a spike

another thing idk if is possible

but always someone is jailed for AFK in bdw its mean = time lose

when someone is jailed ban this person from participating in the event again for 2 or 3 days would be good, because it's always the same people, it seems they do it on purpose for what reason I don't know

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  • 2 weeks later...

1. Add exp weapons to Titan

2. Change drop of black and red chitins at Booro

3. Make something with DM, drop trinas like gold bars, ppl dont go dark mare anymore 

4. Add ingots at events: Juraid, BDW and FT

5. Make Garges and Legendary same stats (is more easy got legendary weapons that garges and still it have less ap and stats)

6. If can change Legendary weapons like Sn's weapons

7. Make armors and weapons drop +4 atm is bored upg from +1 to +4, lose time

Atm nobody wanna join Juraid or Ft anymore, only few ppl join cos havent nothing more to do and want some pk

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On 8/2/2022 at 2:54 AM, OsmanAmca said:

Expectations for the future of the server activity might be as below;

First of all, as far as I witnessed twice, people couldn't kill Princess Lillian in room Rainbow Cave.. When we suggested this back in time the expectation was that everybody should be able to kill rainbow and the mobs inside the cave. Just being able to enter to cave is pointless.  ( Suggested here ) ✅ 

Regarding farm slots & making farm/merchant things more active.

Remove Trina quest from Booro & Titan.

Remove medal quest from fragment (ego) farm in cz. 

Reduce the drop rate of the gems in bowl commandant farm. 

Increase Trina drop rate on Atross.

Add 500x Booro kill quest rewarding 1x Brimstone Ingot. ( Or 50-75x rewarding 1x Brimstone Ore )
Add 500x Titan kill quest rewarding 1x Silver Ignot. ( Or 50-75x rewarding 1x Silver Ore )
Add 500x Frag (Ego) kill rewarding 1x Ebony Ignot. ( Or 50-75x rewarding 1x Ebony Ore )
Add 200x kill commander mob in bowl rewarding 50x medal of courage. ( + drop EXP Items )

The reason not adding ignots bowl commandant is that rewarding with bravery + Atros/Trina +  medal farm + Rainbow/Master Bosses will be good enough for bowl activity.  ( 2 more slots can be added on the weekend map for ''garden farm slots'' )

If monthly NPs could be exchanged with Blue Green Red treasure chests or Ignot, Bravery ( with low amount, just to keep an alternative option) ❌

Making old uniques available to be melt for Magic Hammer (3x same old unique = 50x pack) , 2x Abbys Fire.  Another option can be a new Voucher which we will use for getting Chitin Shield voucher. (3x same old unique will give 1x new voucher. Then 800x or 900x new voucher will give 1x Chitin Shield voucher) (Monster stone farms will be important + useless old uniques will be useful. ) 

Regarding scheduled events.

Additionally, BDW+JM events are not so much fun anymore but we see more or less 250 people participating for CSW. So it is not about the current user. 

Better to make following events such FT BDW JM great again as adding 1x silver, brimstone and ebony ore for winner teams, with a similar way above, according to difficulty of the events. (above example was according to difficulty of mobs, importance of ignots, risk location in cz ) 

Related request about rescheduling CSW time here.

Related good Lunar War PK suggestion was here.

The number of mentioned events can be reduced. ( 3 days FT 3 days BDW 3 days JM )

The last but not the least is that if you can re-arrange the respawn time of the Delos Isiloon as respawning every 6 or 8 hours with better drop rate can be way better. Current situation as respawning every 3 hours is a very tiring process.


@nikos32 @GM_Phobos  @GM_Thanos @Majesty 


Please take immidiate action. Server has no farm at the moment. Everybody just PKing like crazy to get legendary weapons. 

Please make legendary weapon daily quest repeatable 3x at least for a day. (125x per turn )  People changing account all the time. In the middle of PK there is always someone relogging, transferring items etc.

Most old +8 weapons became rubbish. Would you consider them to be able to melt for 30-35x legendary token? Otherwise they are wasted like mage rings. ( Something must be done for mage rings as well. )  No buyer anymore.

Split things, we don’t want single optional server. Every update killed one before. Separate farm slots, keep them all alive and give people options. (Walkry will be good to make it possible) 

5 or 10x blue shard reward might be better than ore/ignot rewards on BDW FT JM. 

Lastly, last 2 days all accounts are just stunning for no reason.(Account just stunning for 2 seconds and it's like LR mage stunning you. ) Like every minute once or every 5 minutes twice at least. When i look around i see archers, i dont know if it is related with archers or latest updates.

Taking late action is making things even worse.

Please let us know if something cant be done. Let us understand your logic.  @nikos32

We just wanna keep things fun... 

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like i said 2 weeks ago i think ingot update via events cr  should come because people have so high dmg with theyr legendary weopons need to make it more easy to farm valk 

a warrior with ascalon hit my mage with iron set!  with good gear! full sc 950-1050 dmg not debuffed ! so warrior is now assasin spamm spike gg

with no other weopon avedon rappy8 hb all deal only 580-750 max

or is ascalon bugged? is to much costume weopon on this version of server ? idk but need better armor valk would maybe help 


Edited by Salocin
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