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  1. I jailed around 9 or 10 ppl on that FT event who was slacking/non attacking to mobs. The day before that day, GM_Zeus jailed players who was slacking like you. You were AFK like 2 waves at there and why did you cut that converstaion between me and your friend ? About that ban. It's not your job to question what I done ok ? How can you know he was using macro at there ? Do you have any screenshots or video about him ? If you dont have, focus your game @GLaDiaToR888
  2. 15 dakika boyunca seni izledim, tam da senin dediğin gibi otomatik saldırı, otomatik HP pot Mana pot kullanımı yapıyordun. Karakterin bundan banlandı. Sonra spam yapmaya başladın shout chat den ve diğer karakterin de o yüzden banlandı. Banın açılmayacaktır. Agresif cevap vermedim sana, soru sordum normal bir şekilde I watched you nearly 15 minutes. As you said you were attacking automaticly and you were using HP/Mana pots automaticly. Thats why your main character banned. Then you started to spam to me via PMs. While i was talking with other users you started to spam "shit words
  3. Önceden de söylediğim gibi, bu tür konular ile ilgili yaptırım bulunmamaktadır.
  4. there isnt anything against rules. also you have 5 seconds to block your trade btw
  5. b0t kullanımdan dolayı hesaplar banlıdır, ban açılmayacaktır.
  6. Hayır değil, eksik item mevcut olabilir. Tekrar kontrol etmenizi tavsiye ederim
  7. OGUZKAGAN78 banlanmıştır. diğer karakterleri de incelenecektir. Smokevien mutelenmiştir.
  8. You can get it by visiting Captain Kunabarl NPC in Moradon.
  9. Hmm, i think this is a translation of big hunter's words. I dont want to talk about "past" issues here. I told this to everyone before (including last data base also) we are, i mean GM team, equal to each players and we don't have that kind of power which one is we could "abuse." I read whole drama here and my eyes are bleeding. About the topic; as nikos told before, we are still waiting more proofs about your claims.
  10. Konuyu admine ilettim ve cevabi o verecektir. Yanlis bilgiler veriyorsun, sorunla ilgilenmedigimizi soyleyemezsin.
  11. Only 8 clan members can join in, so, select the participants "wisely."
  12. Only 8 clan members can join in, so, select the participants wisely.
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