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  1. Try to use forum search and you can find similiar topics like this,your client folder or even computer is corrupted,start from re extract the client rar and then check programs which are running,close everything that you dont need to open KO and try then
  2. Added a new clip,enjoy!
  3. updated the main post!
  4. no wonder why ur clan was one of worst one this time,you dont see above your nose,keep going mad gaga tell me if they dont help you out il get u one smelly brown gem
  5. gonna be hard task to find a trustable turkish GM which u need badly! All of my proko years i would suggest @NotSoBad but seems hes gone
  6. Well yes thats right,if player want to class change then its normal u have to do some more work also only why i said that i see a little problem is cuz of few topics have players made.
  7. I see a little problem here,why players have to wait days for get their old master instead of make it like iJuly said.every master class pieces are equal already. a player who want to play for make masters thn they can just open a new char and master it again
  8. Would like to give out my points of your ideas. Dont think a spamable snowball will be good or give better action, more can ruin it, just the hp amount players have is too high or regain of hp is bad. Yes, the required pk stones should be decrased for personal weapons, but not by rushing, like -50 for first should be fair. Also agree of adding any daily reward, players like to get little gifts, it dont need to be much good There already one GM who can start some more events, so here i dont see problem. Any new quests always welcome in my view also. Dont think its good idea to increase premium drop rate, if want to boost premium then just with exp/np increase, also maybe add a trina or something for premium buyer Magic hammers never did rpr ur weapons but at all its not that bad idea
  9. i see a other server scammed u already with silvery gem,soon we can read some amazing report again in gamers4life
  10. thanks for last updates,there some new stuff i added to main post!
  11. Biatch

    merry christmas

    keep editing and think what you want