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  1. I did vote for every class since i remember it was so at 2014 server and it were better in my way,more gearing ways/spices market.
  2. after i came to human,first night i found some pekay party and then i found there orcs who were chasing me with 2 or even more parties, yes u were too there,all i want to say is, u made the first moves,now once i showed how dirty u playing. Why i said : Chazon killing the fun, its cuz there were no "honor" so ur the last one here who should teach. Really all i see from this topic is u are crying cuz of got rape so hard,keep calm and try again. Is it you Chazon? TheBiatch start to play with tards and this is the results.... does narco teaching u to be so...?
  3. not gonna discuss with u anymore right now,we done it at shoutbox and it killed more time of my life, if i would check all my fraps records from last weeks then i would make a video : Chazon killing the Fun
  4. Tereeee kuidas sul läheb? ;D

    1. Biatch


      Tere,ei kurda :D ja sul?

  5. @nikos32 Is there way to give me rights to edit this topic? would make it better and add some FAQs which are alot asked
  6. it is you can try farm some wolfs outside hometown, they drop +5 paper armors
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