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  1. only you guys were online at clan war. and believe me; about clan war, my target was face off with idiot wasabi and his team but they couldnt register, they scared from us again. so only you guys left for fight at that event. as you can see clearly whole event gone between us. the "only" funny thing was on that event "killing that pleb888" nothing against to you and your team. p.s. i will edit my post, idk you guys were 7 also. maybe we can meet again next clan war
  2. pleb888 (aka gm_ares and gm_zeus) and his team rekt again with 7 v 8 (7) its easy to win even playing one less attacker. thx for free nps it was a great pleasure watching pleb888 running like rabbits LMAO gg for my clan/my friends
  3. ye ye we can see clearly who is mad and who is coming to topic and barking like dogs you pleb shame on u macro user :))))))))
  4. kanka, latine koyuyorum wasabi ağlıyor, clan warda üst üste koyuyorum wasabi havlıyor, iron neck düşüyor wasabi 4 kulede oturuyor, cz de sikiyorum forumda ağlıyorsun, forumda sokuyorum oyunda ağlıyorsun. istersen bir dahakile 3lü sokalım sana farklılık olsun
  5. iyi demiş mk götü yiyen pazar günü 8v8 online olur. bu kadar havlıyorsan götüne güveniyorsan görüşürüz tamam mı köpek seni :)))) yolu bulabilmen için kemik de atacağım sana onu takip edip babanın kucağına rahatça gelebilirsin kuçu kuçu
  6. NotSoBad


    tasmanı salmışlar yine senin :)))))))) forum oğlanları sizi, 4 kule tasmalıları
  7. hahaha go try to find some honor to you at g4l forum you looser macro user noob and cry moar pls
  8. LEARN TO READ FFS. MY CLAN MEMBER WAS BANNED WHEN LOGED WITH ANOTHER ACCOUNT ON CLAN WAR. HE WASNT CHEATING OK ? so tell me how did 8 ppl could beat you on csw asdghasjd? ronank server? when did it this server launched? im talking about times on xigenon and you are comparing yourself with me when you are playing on ronark shit server? :D i know im best. you can argue about only that. ON PROFKO MY JOB IS NOT REPORTING BUGS ON FORUM. FFS BRO LEARN TO READ WHAT DID I SAY TO YOU. enough i gave up, a fucking covid virus has high iq then you. i wont sp
  9. thats normal thing, i asked unban my clan member from nikos. why you are crying about that? really? where is your ex latin users, why they couldnt login? maybe ip banned? or they abused gm power and banned from server ? AHAHAHAHAH omfg dude, how can you know there isnt any orcs at bowl? are you searching bowl non stop with your gm friend at your clan? get a life and stop dropping tears to forum. they didint come to help us, they came to pk and they fight to everyone at delos. they fight with us also. but i think they will play with us next CSW cuz they killed you
  10. evet egom var. ben olmadığını söylemedim. sen kimsin ki yaptığımız işi, oyun oynama şeklimizi veya nerede ne zaman nasıl online olacağımızı sorguluyorsun. boş yapma be dostum artık, oyununu oyna işte. ben item satmadım, item almadım. bir şeyler söylemeye çalışıyorsun ama anlamıyorum. yönetimdekiler de beni hiç ilgilendirmiyor. lafa laf sokmak vs? dostum ekşi sözlükte değiliz, googledan copy paste yaparak kendini farklı göstermeye falan çalışıyorsun da yazık çabaların sadece "karın ağrısı" ve "ezilmeden" öteye giden bir durum değil benim gözümde. neyse oyununda sana başarılar diliyorum asg
  11. did you check moradon also? and eslant? ur comments proving your stupidy non stop. im legal guy and im the "best" bye looser
  12. no we re 79 users online. we were in same clan also. we abused max clan member limit also. how could you know better then me LMAO. please enough im tried of that bullshit man. if your guys naked or not these are not my problems. even with OP mages you can hit nearly 900+ DMG without gear. and OP archer damages? dont try to find excuses about that kthxbb. i m really bored from that
  13. omfg, you guys really had big brain damage. you and pleb77 already cried about removed blinking on this topic LMAO
  14. so its removed by your request and blaming us as having gm power? you wanted remove it, its removed now you are asking from nikos to bring back blinking again. LMAO
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