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Game Master Recruitment

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We are recruiting 3x new staff members (1 en/my , 1 en/es , 1 en/tr) in order to help us with in-game tasks, as well as forums moderation (optional). 

The main role of a Game Master, in our server, is to help the players with their issues, for example - answering players' questions either via PM or via server notices (for most frequent questions) and making sure that all the rules of conduct are respected.

Game Masters are also allowed to start Capture the Flag, Etaroth [Blue Treasure Chest], Find the GM and PM the GM events once or twice every couple of days.

Please bear in mind that with great power comes great responsibility. Game Masters' power is very limited in our server when it comes to corruption, but, if a Game Master abuse the jail and ban systems or the events and event rewards to help their friends/clannies then all of them will have to face the consequences.

We do not need you to be an experienced Game Master, we are willing to teach you. What we need is a trustable person with some free time and knowledge about KO and more specifically about ProfessionalKO.

The only requirement is; you must be a ProfessionalKO player or an old ProfessionalKO player with XXX time with us at your back who took a break.

For those interested, feel free to PM me (nikos32) here, in our forums. In the Subject line please write "GM Recruitment - Your Main Character Name" and in the Message tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to become a Game Master.

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