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  1. Kimseyle tartışacak değilim.Herkese iyi eğlenceler dileriz.
  2. It's been 110 days.When i wrote there were 800 active players and now 150.When will you do?Last day of the server?I'm asking seriously,are you kidding me?
  3. I think 3 parties would be enough.
  4. me too surprised cuz u got only 35 kills with 2 partys.
  5. On November 2,2020 I asked Nikos to put the Azerbaijan flag on PUS by opening a forum topic. Quebec is a state in Canada.That ''state's'' flag on the PUS.The country whose flag I want is a free country recognized by the United Nations.If we cannot request the flag of a country of which we aren't citizens, nobody should be able to carry flags outside of their own country.I waited patiently, its been 110 days, you have brought countless patches but still haven't added this.You have to give me an explanation here.Similar conservations took place in the game, as in the example I placed the l
  6. Didn't you sell your items yet?
  7. u can pick up from captain kunabarl npc
  8. I was played solo and i joined 10 minutes after it started... https://ibb.co/wQ9NnGw
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