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  1. Can you explain a little more in detail how the mage rings will be crafted? Also, would it be possible at some point to add a cape bonus feature? For example. Grade 1 clan cape bonus couple be an extra 5 nps per kill, 100hp bonus, 30 ac bonus, 1 bravery bonus, boosted resistance and stats such as dex, str, etc. Also, one last thing. Small idea about an Honor award system. Currently the more active players online in your clan you get more nps per kill. What if the more active players online in your clan it also decreased the amount of time in bowl required to obtain bravery ? Good work as always on the server!
  2. It doesn’t really tp you “out” of the ego spot. More than it tps you to a bottle neck of mages and melee to nova you. If there was more mages on orc or human side. It would be very hard to get out of ego entrance or the using the ego tp selection. if there was no cr inside bifrost I would think most mage teams would just camp ego entrance and the ego tp selection. It’s very easy nps because you have about 100+ players bottled up in a group with no real room to move. I know this because I play the game as mage during Bifrost. As much as I enjoy the easy nps. I have to think about every player on the server.
  3. I've been in 20+ FTs and was never sent to jail or experienced any bugs.
  4. If we go by the logic about TP gates. Why is there 4 TP selections for CSW? Where is the challenge of a clan tping half way to the castle when another clan takes it?
  5. Daily Quest - Repeatable every 24 hours Blood Seeker Quest = 50x Blood Seeker - Kill Enemy 5x = 10 Bus Hob Goblin Quest = 50x Hob Goblin - Kill Enemy 5x = 10 Bus Troll Warrior or Mini DMs Quest = 100x Troll Warriors or 100x Mini DMs - Kill Enemy 15x = 1x random Bifrost fragment Booro Quest = 100x Booro - Kill Enemy 15x = 25x Bravery Apostle, Deruvish, Troll Quest = Deruvish 50x, Apostle 75x, Trolls 100x - Kill Enemy 15x = 25x Medals of Courage Random PUS Award (PUS Box) = 50x Stone Golem, 50x Titan, 50x Darkmare - Kill enemy 15x = Random PUS Award coupon (Need 2 coupons to exchange) Atross & Riote Quest = 10x Atross & 10x Riote - Kill Enemy 15 = 2000 NP Rewards + 25x/50x PK Stones Chaos Stone Quest = Last Hit 10x on Chaos Stone = Random Pus Award coupon (PUS Box) Santa Event inside CZ Town once every 8 hrs. The player that would get the last hit would get 100kc,2000 NP reward and XP. This also could reward the entire party for the last hit since it is only once every 8 hours. Kill Quest in CZ 100x player kills = 1 silver bar, 10 Bravery, 10 PK Stones or 10 Medals of Courage (These could be changed) Super PK Box Rewards = Kill Enemy 1000x/750x = 1x Random Normal Unique. Exclude Iron Neck/Iron Belt/Glass Belt/Chitin Shield This is just a rough draft of ideas I have for daily quest in Colony Zone. Open for more suggestions and edits.
  6. Oh, look! Another sin on the server talking about balance! While he has stealth, cure, minor heal, light feet, magic shield, using DD in VS, uses a shield while running away from 24 people. Yeah, lets listen to this guy! If I see another sin CRY on a 72 cap server it will be a world record. The only class that has a advantage on every other class.
  7. No one will have this armor the first day. Plus, you will need leather, leather strips and dragon bones which some of these materials are from Bifrost/Juraid. Including 10 ebony ignots, 10 silver ignots and 10 red brimstone ignots. Which are all melted down from +6/+7/+8 black/red chitins and shells.
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