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  1. SELL 3x Warrior Valkyrie Pauldron +6 or trade for Warrior Valkyrie Pads +6
  2. Hello. Server relaunched October 16th 2020. Everything was reset. I'm certain everything will have to start over from scratch. If you need help with some master items. PM me in game. My nick is mindkrash.
  3. I'm not asking for it now. Maybe in the future like 3-4 months from now. New weapons would be good.
  4. Level 75, +9/+2 weapon/armor/uniques? The server is nearing the end of things to upgrade/farm. What do you think about opening up level 75, +9 armor/weapons and +2 unqiues? There is nothing else to do. Leave your feedback below. All is welcome.
  5. BUMP! BUY> Exceptional Mirage Sword +8, Exceptional Iron Impact +8
  6. He isn't advertising another KO server. He was playing Solitaire. He probably forgot he copied that link and was buying items or selling items in Moradon.
  7. As a lot of us know. Some players walk in the back during FT. Is it possible to add a CR during FT? Last hit on mobs or something like that? Maybe it would encourage players to attack. If anyone else has other suggestions, comment below. Thanks.
  8. Nikos, I do not know if this is intended to be this way or not. If it is, apologies for the post. We killed some orc characters at Ultima gate and they laid dead on the ground and were still able to get in. This is not intended to flame any person or clan. Just to bring awareness. I'll post two links to videos of characters laying on the ground and them able to get in still dead. 1) Laying on the ground waiting for the countdown to kill Ultima. 2) Able to go inside Ultima while still laying dead on the ground.
  9. My suggestion was to make it only repeatable two times. I've noticed after some players complete the 25 kill quest. They leave. My idea was maybe they would stay longer and complete the quest again. If you think its unfair and would harm the server then maybe we could try another idea.
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