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  1. 1st day of Champions clan. Tooth +0 on CallamaSay mage 0 stuns. SweetAmber random priest. Vincenzo random warrior + dual wield build. Champions 8vs8 TheLegendary 4-0 (Clan War) THELEGENDARY ÖLDÜ ALT+F4 XD
  2. I agree with you about the wings. But i do not agree with you about talia armor at all. When acid potion cast start u can switch back ur pauldron to dodge the 2k durability hit. Also cuz of transformation scrolls u cant see who uses it and who doesn't. About damages i think its bad without those armors alrdy i play 255 str and i feel very tanky over here without a single anti def armor / talia armor.
  3. But can we stay on topic and not talk about sins? Talia is annoying for everyone. I spoke with TimeOfRevenge , TheLegendary , RedLine , TBL they all say Talia is annoying and has to be removed. Please do something about this @nikos32
  4. Talia is very huge in tankiness its 40 anti def = 4 iron necks also u gain 8 more def then a shell pauldron 7. Im playing this game for pvp not for buy acid pots all day. And yes Wing of war is too cringe correct. If talia is removed nobody have to complain anymore no matter which event which zone and aren't we all equal without them? If nikos32 not removing it then it will be a taliako.
  5. Talia armors are super famous at CSW and Clan War. In Colony Zone only support players are using them Db Priests & Tp mages and sometimes also CC Priests. And its very annoying in a server with so much anti def on iron set , wing of war , normal anti def armors to also have this stupid talia in it people can make it to 108 spear def for example. It has to be deleted period.
  6. Howcome u guys think by removing talia its something against sins? The main reason i say this is because mage teams crying about flame talia and they are all leaving the game at this point RedLine , TBL etc. The reason i say this is because melee parties are using spear talias and i got bored of it. So what im trying to do is now make a topic about talia armors and try to get a vote poll like @nikos32also did for call pt in CSW. if it won't be removed then i will make sure that my clan Champions everyone will have talia armors including dagger ones and make the server more boring then it already is. For the rest sin class is weak in damage i agree they need boost it i think i said it multiple times at discord. So stop with off topic stuffs and call me a sin hater or sin deleter i like the sin class.
  7. @nikos32 I think you should remove talia armors from the server. The server is already too tanky cuz of normal anti defense armors , iron sets , war wings etcetera. Make a poll at ur panel for removing talia or not and im sure most people will vote for removing it.
  8. All he does is raid 15 hour straight farmers, he uses minor + mana pot macro while he tp himself with a latop mage account. RevienT4CulOs is the biggest ape i've seen at ProfessionalKO.
  9. Should be medal of courage not bravery award in death match. If u add bravery award in death match it gonna be 500K on merchants less people will go to bowl while its already a ghost town. For the rest good ideas goodjob ragnar @theChaos
  10. The coupon is 25m. And if those newbies enter they will just lose and ruin everything for others. And also if u put a np limit it stops people from afking with 4 multi client accounts like this Luzifer idiot did to my bdw. Get some pk gear get 25-50k nps for the limit so u can fight well like rest of the server which is not a gb seller easy as that.
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