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  1. He said to me he didn't get anything and asked for that photo so i send it to him not to shit on anyone. I did get my share and it was 20GB and 83M. Whatever is going between you and him its not my problem as i said earlier you both are friendly for me so i am for you and him aswell. If you wouldn't get a share i would send u a SS aswell Sky to help you that's why he used my SS And i also said to him that to not involve me into the drama and i"m okey if he uses this screenshot for his topic. Good games to you all
  2. I don't even see you on sword talia and sword gauntlets either. I want talia to be removed from the game. Hahaha i agree with you this givemefreedom is such a lame person. See you around
  3. i agree with you 100% there shouldnt be more hp there is so much already. I dont see it as a big decision. I see it as a good revert to the older versions not a single server have a wing like this which is so powerful for the mage class my brother. HP increase is big for warrior class and will be harder for you to nova kill us. Now with the MP bonusses your nova will hit more.
  4. C’mon dude dont shit so hard on givemefreedom he thinks 1v1 in 2023 with macros means the world. don’t make his youtube channel look like waste of time. you might hurt his feelings xd.
  5. about the mage tping himself i agree i said it multiple times in this server and i also said to him in pm. I didn’t pay too much attention to the other things he did. if he did these kind of stuff then forward it to the admin / gm’s let them punish him. Start with a warning cuz on the other hand he is active and the server can’t lose any more players after the mistakes that been made in 29 september
  6. By reading this topic it feels like we are back in 2008 where 16 year olds were crying all day about 1v1. 1v1 is braindamaged anyone that does a little bit their best becomes succesful in it there is nothing special. Maybe u two should vs for a reward to make it interesting.
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