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iyi demiş mk :D:D

götü yiyen pazar günü 8v8 online olur. bu kadar havlıyorsan götüne güveniyorsan görüşürüz tamam mı köpek seni :)))) 

yolu bulabilmen için kemik de atacağım sana onu takip edip babanın kucağına rahatça gelebilirsin kuçu kuçu :D:D

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kanka, latine koyuyorum wasabi ağlıyor, clan warda üst üste koyuyorum wasabi havlıyor, iron neck düşüyor wasabi 4 kulede oturuyor, cz de sikiyorum forumda ağlıyorsun, forumda sokuyorum oyunda ağlıyorsun. istersen bir dahakile 3lü sokalım sana farklılık olsun :D:D


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For all of yous that would like to know what this is about - its essentially a pissing match


Mr Wasabi is upset someone swore at him  as you can see by the below translation

Even if I did not write a message that contains 1 descriptive message, the cursing made by a friend who dries up  should be done properly , even though it is not his own char.

The Mr NSB said lets take this outside (in a 8 on 8 match) - although I am unsure why someone would sit in their fathers lap (must be lost in translation)

good said mk

8v8 goes online on Sunday. See you if you bark that much, if you trust your ass, okay dog you :)

I'll throw a bone so that you can find the way, you can follow it and come to your father's lap easily

The Mr Wasabi came back with his own insults also lost somewhat in translation but it seems a wager might be on offer now

@NotSoBad Man, okay, do not cry that much, let's put 50 gb into the arena, we put oxijeane, the sound is coming out of you, I put it to you, the sound is coming out of the fn I don't understand how a gavat are you

The Mr NSB seems to reference crying and dogs again must be lost in translation.

buddy, i put latin wasabi crying, clan warda i put them on top of each other wasabi barking, iron neck falling wasabi sitting in 4 towers, cz i fuck you cry in the forum, sting in the forum you cry in the game. If you want, let's put 3s next time, let's make a difference for you


This is what we are missing out on Mr @Emiel Mr @BigHunterMr @geek Mr @ngnktn Mr @Barbarossa Mr @thefnl

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had to tag Mr Fnl didn't relise his name was TheFnl
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