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  1. Because people like playing other classes, and it’s good it’s like this, otherwise cz would be boring as fuck with 8 mage parties novaing each other. now listen, I’m not saying mages don’t make the game more enjoyable, diverse and interesting, I’m just saying that like with everything in life there is a need for balance. And your suggestion tips the balance.
  2. Are we even playing on the same server? Calling this out- This is not a suggestion, this is an attempt to rig the game further in favor of mage parties which are already dominating.
  3. Is this a troll? Are we not playing on the same server where mage parties are basically obliterating everyone? Are our eyes lying to us when we see mage parties from day one running around with mage staff +8 and spanking everyone in cz? Can't walk for 10 seconds without a nova shower on your head. What, you want mages to be able to beat warriors 1v1 now? 1500 damage from nova not enough, let's make it 2500. You know what, let's just call it "mage zone" and get it over with. I am sorry but sarcasm is the only way I see fit to reply to this.
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