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  1. Another sport im not familiar with...
  2. Let it be guys, this aint the post for start a flame war. The point has been reached i guess.
  3. U're above 30 yo, start showing it.
  4. Will there be any single update that does not receive a complain from your part? There's a reason for it, at least show a tiny respect.
  5. He already opened a server, it had the brilliant numbers of 15 players and lasted a week.
  6. i still can't understand how u managed to play properly having narco and yolandi in the same discord.
  7. Did you get a dc or relogged? Or did you join the event without party directly?
  8. An entire career based on a couple videos, u're my fav pornstar hucky ¡¡
  9. Check that all collectionable items are setted in the same package. Example : 30 opals at inventorie and not a pack of 20 and another of 10.
  10. Could you record them while you think they are afk? Also Focus on precision on heals, if it belongs to a programated time or a programated situation. Also remember usage of macros are allowed for the only purpose of farming.
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