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  1. Haha ofc that is the best way. Go kill mages nubs;) Anyway if there were some missing part about ratios would be nice to check. İ remember nikos decreased grell drop rates for master items. One day i was helping a newcomer to that server. Then we realized nikos decreased rates and he did not chanced until we warning him. İf some ppl have doubt about that better to check. @shadowsHe wants to say area skills have high ratio to stun or disable casting skills. İ understand that
  2. Hello all, İ dk mage stamina hp, def situation or dmges. İ wanna say just for topic, "Yes lr mages have good rates to disable castin skills. Stun rates really looks too high for me." İ dont know about dmgs etc.. İ wonder that skills effect ratios is the same for all elemental dmg? İ mean it not same for me. İf i give an ex. İce effects ratio looks too low for me when compare with lr. Thanks
  3. İ did not test yet. İ m sorry, but i used around 2-3 month before. İf you fixed after during that period time i dont know is it working or not. İ will try to test again and i will try update the case. Thank you.
  4. İ saw him yesterday castin heal while running. We tot it s just a visial bug or delay. Now its clear he s using something. Ty for reporting
  5. +1 We can see rogues when they are using invisible mod after have ko effect.
  6. Damn i dont reply here anymore. U are missing 27 times dead and ourday sayin we r camped at respawn location. İf unr not a dummy u wont press ok. Ohh if u have not another attempt?? Like booming kill counting. As u said before we dont know maybe they talked on discord. Because i m seeing sefu and vein there. Good luck. Ps i also want unbann griff too. We need every single player here... İf there is need a really to give punishment, we can offer that nikos . Maybe delete nps, maybe pc and ip do not enter cw? Or something else... cuz İ believe in that way nikos wont u
  7. Yes as i said if griff going to bann also jeed to bann ourdayclan..enjoy
  8. @nikos32they cant see the difference.. Guys i m ofc wanting the unbann griff. But all that situation looks suspicious to me. Griff dyind 27 times in short time period(that mean not complete death numbers nin cw.) Also i wonder?? Sefu played exelance he always playing on ourday. Also i saw vein spamming about how they beat tugra clan in chat. İ realized he playing on ourday and throwing his hate on wasabi.. normally vein playing in exelance. When i think all got have that case doesnt look to me completly clear. İ hope griff unbann.. Ps @shadows sorry mate
  9. Hello Shadows İ m just saying if there s a reason for ban. Nikos should check both side. And that all stroy could be provoking for bann some ppl.. but i chanced my defended story after nikos sayin 27 times died in short time period. İt s looks like something unusual.. also i want to say they have choice to do not press ok.. Also i see sefu playing in griff side. As i remember sefu is playing priest on your clan? As i know he s playing hilaaja. ( İf that is not true i m apologize to you, sefu and who involving that story) All looks to me suspicious. They are all my toughts.
  10. Sen ingilizce olarak ifade etmissin kendini. Ben de ayni sekilde yazdim. Nikosun yazdigi bilgiye istinaden suphelerimi dile getiriyorum. Aklimda soru isareti olan yerleri. Bu forum bunu icin yok mu? Bak mesela vien farkli bir bakis acisindan bakmis. Bu sure zarfinda wasabiler neredeymis? Bende diyorum ki wasabiler gelmiyorsa siz neden oleceginizi bile bile press ok dediniz? Hani diyorsunuz ya az kisi katildik, priestimiz yoktu. Full bi partinin karsisinda duramayiz. Buraya kadar okey bende hakveriyorum dogrusunuz. Madem bunun farkindasiniz neden press ok dediniz? Ustelik adam
  11. İf u are going to die why pressed ok? 27 times?? As nikos said in short time period?? İ supported you but i can not imagine 27 times? That during time wasabi clan can not reach the respawn location?? Smells weird.. İ want to tell a story belong to me. Once i joined accidently here. İ just dead once and i never pressed ok. i Just waited to finish event... So noone reported me.. Nikos if there is a illegal thing you should consider to punish both side. Not just keep dying pll also u should punish to keep killing... Thanks.
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