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  1. Vine a leer un post sobre arqueros, ya que me parecio interesante, y encuentro un post de puro insulto. Mejoren el nivel de sus aportes en el foro, no entiendo porque siempre terminan puteandose y mentandose a la madre xq uno es mejor que otro. Relajense y disfruten el juego.
  2. @nikos32, @MrCalaMiTY We were looking for bosses in eslant, when we saw a warrior and a human priest in orc eslant. We could only take a picture of the warrior but not the priest. Could you check your logs and see who that warrior party with? at that moment? The time this happened was 07/14/2022 18:28 Please we need this to be cleared up and those bug abusers banned. https://ibb.co/0MJFFxV
  3. Selling: - 1 x LE+7 Buying: - Black Chitin Set Mage +7 (Pad, Helmet) - 1.0k Braveries - 2 x Shio +0 - 2 x Foverin +0
  4. Hello Nikos, Toni is one of the most important members in ours and since the last server we have shown that we have not had any similar problems. I assume that it is possible to see if the same day and time that the items were stolen or deleted, see from which IP the account was logged in. I ask you to reconsider your decision and unblock his account.
  5. The deal he offers you is ridiculous, however the gms cannot do anything about it since it is not a party clan. This will serve as a lesson for you not to kill bosses with people you do not know because they are going to rob you.
  6. If you need some attention seek professional help.
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