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  1. Selling: - 1 x LE+7 Buying: - Black Chitin Set Mage +7 (Pad, Helmet) - 1.0k Braveries - 2 x Shio +0 - 2 x Foverin +0
  2. Hello Nikos, Toni is one of the most important members in ours and since the last server we have shown that we have not had any similar problems. I assume that it is possible to see if the same day and time that the items were stolen or deleted, see from which IP the account was logged in. I ask you to reconsider your decision and unblock his account.
  3. The deal he offers you is ridiculous, however the gms cannot do anything about it since it is not a party clan. This will serve as a lesson for you not to kill bosses with people you do not know because they are going to rob you.
  4. If you need some attention seek professional help.
  5. Dear Thanos, what you wrote my by private message in game contradicts what you wrote in forum. https://ibb.co/gF2rwT0 According to what you stated in forum, I must have been able to loot the box but I couldn't. I'd like those items to be given to the players in that party, that couldn't loot it. As both situations comply with the 2nd and 3rd option.
  6. For this reason I'm sharing the two pictures from both accounts: https://ibb.co/BTY24fF https://ibb.co/hDCz037 The click.looting didn't work in either of them, for this reason, we are reporting this so you could give as a solution to our problem. As we didn't expect this to happen.
  7. Both of our friends couldn't loot the box, both of them had several room in their inventory. both of them were killed just after the Felankor was killed, Wicked didn't press ok and waited, and the other opened the box and towned. https://ibb.co/hDCz037
  8. Hi @nikos32 @GM_Thanos We killed Felankor, but we couldn't collect the items, can you help us? https://ibb.co/BTY24fF 19/09/21 09:40am peruvian time. p.s. with love to you @elProfessor
  9. Are you talking about KS bosses in cz? an orc with his human drainer kseo us the Fela, so.... https://ibb.co/jw0hrnY btw, We also have the video of when our orc drainers kseed the Fela ... The smileAgain always go with the Goldmembers, so ...
  10. If you have proof that someone has used macros, submit your videos here. It is irresponsible of you to report someone without proof. For example, we have seen orc priests healing while running, but we don't have the videos so we can't say anything. If you talk about buggs, you won the castle doing the same, your magicians attacked without entering the vault. If Nickos says that this is forbidden, let him make the necessary corrections to correct it. Blessings.
  11. It is incredible that after losing the castle, the first thing I read from the Smile is "clan 300 have used buggs." The last csw was one of the most fun for the pk and with this post the only thing they do is look like bad losers. Enjoy the game, do not look for excuses to justify that we won the castle by cheating. I am sure that next Sunday will be just as fun and you will have the opportunity to recover the castle, and if you do, we will not cry in the forum. Blessings. IceCube.
  12. Buying: HB+8 Trade for GIGA+8 and items pm me here or game
  13. Buying: Giga 2H +8 (gbs) Pm here or Icecube.
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