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Esa acc es el mago de Hamilton, si quieren pregunten a Nikos :)

Si mas no recuerdo lo mate mas de 20 veces por si desean saber :D


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After taking a second look, in this case:

Sky killed RememberMe;KissMe a total of 21 times in 32 minutes and all these had taken part in BF Fragments spot.
This does not prove that they didn't NPT but it doesn't prove the opposite either. For that reason, the national points of the characters involved have been restored.

Edit: You can actually take a look in the deathlog as well, https://professionalko.com/?page=deathlog&id=25794

Rest of the IDs: 25801, 25803, 25804, 25805, 25806, 25807, 25808, 25809, 25811, 25812, 25815, 25816, 25817, 25819, 25820, 25822, 25823, 25824, 25826, 25831

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