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Insulting/ Swearing/ Flaming

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1. We are different

We have different backgrounds in culture, family, education, tradition etc..

This is good because otherwise we would all be the same
and that would be very boring!

In communication it can make things complicated.
Calling someone a liar in Arabic is really, insulting, more so than in English. The same goes for "crazy" (magnuun); in English, it can be a joke to call someone crazy, but in Arabic people take it really serious.

In some countries they use the fu** words quite a lot.
They even use it in a positive way : “you are fucking awesome”
Just listen to any contemporary Rap song and you know what I mean…

If someone from some other nation insults you, keep in mind, that in his country those words might not sound as hard as they may sound to you.

2. Evolution of expressions

year -2000 you fool 🙄
year -1000 son of a donkey 🙄
year 0000 son of a bitch 🙄
year 1000 God damned, asshole 🙄
year 2000 fu** you, mother fucker etc…🙄

There is a constant evolution of words and expressions going on.
Especially since we have all the media and www.
When someone heared the expression “son of a donkey!” for the first time, he might have been shocked 🙄
Today this sounds more like a joke to us.🙄
New generations want their own identity, create their own style, expressions and insults.
So in 10 years we might have something different and the motherfu*** insults might sound like a joke to us.

3. Your reaction/ your choice
the “Spiral of hate”
😈 "you fool" =>🧐"you are stupid"
😈 you are more stupid" => 🧐Idiot!"
😈 I burn your house" => 🧐"I kill you"
😈 "I kill your family" => 🧐 bomb your nation"
😈 I will destroy this world"...

In the end hate leaves nothing!

So how can you stop this?
Its your reaction, your choice.
"you fool" –> "everyone is sometimes"
"you fool" –> "tell me why? what’s wrong bro?"
"you fool" –> "Im John, I play the guitar and sometimes I play the fool" (John Lennon)
"you fool" –> no reply, just leave or ignore, close chat, block chat etc…
"you fool" -> 😂

At least 50% of a conversation depends on you!
You have a choice!

And if someone is really stupid (which is rare), just ignore him, cause he won’t understand you anyway.

4. Call the Police? (GM/FM/Admin)
If someone disrespects/insults you in public ( a magazine, facebook etc..).
You have a right to make a complaint. It can even take someone to court.

But if someone insults you in private, you will not call the police /judge.
It’s up to you to handle it!
You can strike back or ignore etc…

But since it is private it will not become a case of law, judge, court (FM, GM etc…).

------------------Conclusion 🙄 ----------------------
In my opinion, GMs/FMs should not mute ban for things said in a private chat.
It’s not their case.
If things become public, they might have to take some action.
But this is still a matter of their personal evaluation.

There is to many insult reports.
People provoking someone just to “lure” some bad words and to report them.
People should be able to deal with this on their own - like in real life 😏
"Only one who can swallow an insult is a man." (Chinese Proverb)

Thank you for Reading..

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