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is there a way u can make a comback on the archer. i mean the  server is full of mages and meeles and there is people that enjoy doing actual pvp with archers.. especially the ones that know how to combo and not z skill.  please stop nerfing the archers make them not too strong in far attacks but balance with Close Combat. bring back ice shot please so we can actually kill more consistantly.

you can always workaround.

i mean i you wish to prevent everything to spamming styx increase the CD.
if you want to prevent iceshot for been too OP just reduce the effective range and add a good CD.

but give us something to work with.

archer vs assassin = death sentence..


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I kinda liked your suggestion regarding the iceshot's effective range,

but the difference is that you have light feet , minor heal , cure and you can already do close (5/3 combo) and far (dark pursuer) combat

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Sorry for bumping this up but I'd like to get in the convo and add a feedback as a new player. First of all close range combo is completely avoidable just by sliding around. Dark pursuers tick rate is horribly long esp. for those playing with over 250ms (Australia). I've been playing for few weeks and made myself an allright toon but honestly the only kill I can is from afk farmers on colony zone. I wouldn't say make it an IMBA toon but as an archer if i can kite and kill even low tier warrior due to dark pursuers tick rate is being low I would say there is something really wrong there. I will probably give up on my toon because I feel left out of the pvp aspect of the game but just saying It shouldn't be this way.


Note: Before anyone says why not play assassin? It's a personal preference I don't enjoy playing as an assas.

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