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[POLL] Upcoming Updates

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  1. 1. Should we make Ultima's Room accessible only during the last 30 minutes (1800 seconds) of Bifrost event ?

    • Yes, make Ultima's Room accessible only for the last 30 mins of BF event
    • No
  2. 2. Should we add Gold Bars to Dark Mare at a very low drop rate ?

    • Yes, add Gold Bar to Dark Mare at a very low drop rate
    • No
  3. 3. Should we release the Juraid Mountain event ?

  4. 4. Should we release the Clan War ?

  5. 5. Should we release the BDW rings ?

  6. 6. Should we release the Black and Red Chitin armors ?

    • Yes, replace the Titan spots next to Deruvish with Boroo which may drop the armors at a very low rate
    • Yes, make them obtainable only via Cavalry mini-bosses
    • Yes, make them obtainable via Cavalries and Medals of Courage (MoC shall be found in apostle, harpy, troll, golem, dm, isi, titan etc)
    • No
  7. 7. Should we allow the unique accessories to be upgraded to (+1) ?

    • Yes, let all unique accessories be upgradeable to (+1)
    • Yes, but all the unique accessories except Flame Ring, Shio Tears, Imir Ring and Foverin.
    • Not yet
  8. 8. Should we add extra Bifrost events every Wednesday ?

    • Yes
    • No, there is enough BF events already
  9. 9. Should we update the Beginners Gear ?

  10. 10. Would you like to see more Lunar War maps, which you will be able to vote/select 5 minutes before the war begins ?

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  • Poll closed on 01/05/2021 at 03:00 PM

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