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Today someone was using some sort of script where his/her character followed mine constantly and automatically durinf the ft event. The character did not attack it only followed me. 
i do not know how to make a video ingame so if someone could point this out to me i can record it.

if any gm wants my or the cheaters ingame info i will provide in a pm as i have no video to make this public yet, only a screenshot, so im not gonna accuse people publicly by name without the proof.

just know that i have seen it, and i will find a way to call you out on it if i catch anyone cheating again.

Keep it safe, love all

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It ain't cheat. To do so,

  • Select a mob from distance,
  • Press R,
  • Your character will start running towards mob,
  • While running, select a player from party list or by clicking normally,
  • Your character will start following that character
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