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  1. Hey, I have a small question about the % succes rate of the anvil upgrades in 2 different scenarios: 1. you have 10 items at +4. You upgrade all 10 +4 to +5, then all 10 to +6, then all 10 to +7. 2. you have 10 items at +4. you upgrade each individual item to +5/+6/+7 and then move to the next one. Is there a difference in succes rate between two methodes or does it stay the same and basically its about pure luck/unluck? thank you for your opinions, Stay safe and enjoy the day
  2. Today someone was using some sort of script where his/her character followed mine constantly and automatically durinf the ft event. The character did not attack it only followed me. i do not know how to make a video ingame so if someone could point this out to me i can record it. if any gm wants my or the cheaters ingame info i will provide in a pm as i have no video to make this public yet, only a screenshot, so im not gonna accuse people publicly by name without the proof. just know that i have seen it, and i will find a way to call you out on it if i catch anyone cheating again
  3. Sell glass belt. pm me fair offers here love you all and stay safe
  4. Hi, could someone tell me where the +8 rare items (chitins, weapons,..) are dropped?
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