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  1. hahah its so funny to see a post like that before even the server opens hahaha it was your mistake brotha just accept it and move on or even better delete this post because its stupid
  2. aaa its normal to expect those kind of behaviors from such low level people their whole clan has their same behaviour bunch of kids that dont know how to lose
  3. @GM_Thanos Can you make an event in forums maybe ? Look how much Im advertising come on
  4. All you ever did good in this server was 1v1 I give you that but it doens't show anything to me you've been a terrible clan leader and we always won againgst your clan in fair fights all you can do now is talk as you always did ...You are saying about us running the whole map but you dont bring up the fact we had one party and you were chasing us with 2-3 parties and we kept fighting.... All you guys are doing right now is blaming us for beeing a good clan so I will accept that aswell...Have fun Let's not discuss about you beeing a GM
  5. Hahahahahah I knewwww it go to sleep my friend you are tired
  6. Unfortunatelly you and your previous clan aswell do the same thing now you guys dont know how to lose and you cannot accept it and you start talking about people's life and blah blah blah but you dont know even the smallest detail just because this is a competitive game and my clan or ME want to win doesnt mean anything ...the better player/clan always wants to win obviously take the bosses aswell win in pk in CSW and everywhere I thought this is a game right ??? do you wanna lose in games ??? No you dont ....But in this game you lose and you cannot accept it because you are a greedy non respectfull animal .... If you want to discuss about real life we can do it in private and you will also understand more and more things and I can proove you that you are the one with the sad life becacuse if you didn't care about the game as you said you wouldn't even spend time talking here ....Have fun playing tetris with your peruvian brothers
  7. I am teaching english lessons for people like you every Monday 18:00pm pm me
  8. Change the subject?????? Have you seen what this post is about ?? hahahahaha You guys have some issues
  9. All I see here is some stupid people talking total nonsense and giving us lessons about life ...Unfortunatelly none of you have no idea about me boys so chill and go smoke something maybe you relax .. This CSW really had some bad after effects I get it
  10. I am so sad I will cry in my bedroom now You should have this desire aswell I mean you already have it since you are saying these words but you just can't make it because you are bad at this game League of Legends...Cs:Go .... Dota ...Fortnite ....Tetris ..... those are some games you might be good at try them but dont ever play Knight Online you and your whole clan
  11. Beretta2 Oct 8:36 PM Regarless of any updates forthcoming, most of 300 will stop playing.
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