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  1. so far what i have seen ingame the 75 legendary quest aint counting in bifrost
  2. need also some updates for beginners these updates make cz a bloody zone i guess for future to less faith for farming beginners The bigger the party, the less chances for every member to receive a Blue Shard not good aswell for example some assasins in trio fk the shit up of all farmers and get even more rewardet for that i dont like
  3. was soll man dazu sagen außer das ihr alle nutten von nikos seid immernoch das ist ja lachhaft das ihr im ernst das hier noch ernst nehmt
  4. ouhh that setup is not the best to play this game even when its old
  5. Hey all, i think tp sc should have some coldown like maybe 20 sec, my reason for that in invasion i feel like its not normal that people can nonstop spamm tp on each other it getting in my eyes to much ubused specialy for hunting bif monster regards Pimmel
  6. Characters can reset their skill points free-of-charge only once per day from now on. The limit is lifted everyday at midnight. But what about premium users? i just used once free day reskill now i want to reskill again and i have to pay with premium thats a bad change?
  7. unkown shooted people from down he was never up unjail him pls because u just cant jail people for going bdw and for fighting
  8. i dont care at all u should stop llooking for any negative thing u can find i know for sure even the most looking random partys use sometimes discord than i know there are players and partys they dont use any discord and perform better than people with discord
  9. by far one of the most bad updates i seen
  10. i am missing 1 change that u cant heal csw chrystal would be also awesome
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