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  1. Honestly, 0 fucks if I get banned or whatever, but @tchuKimon is a retard.
  2. How did you try it? Take 1 lucky man/girl with u to arena, nova with 1 staff 100 times, add the damages and divide by 100, then do the same with other staff and I can bet the damage diff will not be 20-40 rofl.
  3. Potentially not my place to comment on the given thread since I don't find myself to be a "proficient" mage player. A good mage team can always tip the scale of CSW, Bifrost or any kind of event in terms of PK in the current state of the server. My personal opinion is that mages do not need any kind of damage increase. For instance, one of our mages has a WOE+8 and dual flame rings, dude legit novas for like 1.2-1.7K dmg. Naturally nobody else has a WOE+8 last time I checked, but many of us do have WOE+7's. I have tested both Lycaon +7 and WOE+7 and can say that WOE+7 in general hits MUCH harder. If you use Lycaon +7 you are geared for Mage vs Mage. If you want to wipe strong melee's go with WOE build. I can guarantee that if you guys had x7 mages with x7 WOE+7, each nova rotation will do anywhere between 500-2000 more dmg when combined between 7 mages (there is always a slight RNG factor involved, but that is the same with all classes). IMO, the balance between classes is properly in place, apart from assassins who are impossible for other classes to kill in 1vs1 Cheers
  4. I would still say that shell armor +4 for such a high tier reward is the same as getting nothing to begin with. Statistically speaking, the chances of making a +4 item to +8 without a trina is literally 0.000315% which means you have a 99.999685% chance of burning it. In other words, there is a 99.999675% chance of getting nothing. If you used a trina since +4 all the way to +8 then it would be 99.997% chance of getting nothing + wasting 4 trinas if you succeeded all the way to +7 and burned to +8. Cheers
  5. I may have misunderstood your reply a bit, but Nikos didn't say he boosted all drops or any drops for BF fragments. He just said answered what is the difference between ordinary exchange and boosted exchange (+ 15M). Essentially, boosted exchange doubles the chances for getting a good item. My guess is that "good item" refers to unique items (BF rings and unique weapons, gold bar and transformation scroll). So for instance, if with regular exchange, the chances of getting a "good item" is 0.30%, then with boosted exchange getting a "good item" is 0.60%. Cheers
  6. Hi, I've just been wondering what exactly are the percentages of dropping a unique item from any of the fragments? Also, what exactly is the difference of just exchanging the fragment vs adding 15M? Does it increase chances of getting a BF item, if so how much does it increase the chances? I'm mainly asking since personally haven't noticed any difference in terms of luck what so ever since last launch. If this is something that isn't supposed to be revealed, then it is understandable. Mainly just curious if my luck indeed is extremely rotten when it comes to BF drops . Cheers
  7. Hi, I have a feeling this topic may have been brought up in the past already so apologies in advance if this has been decided and set in stone. Mainly just wish to understand why monthly ladder point rewards have a chance to drop utterly garbage items (chitins, shells etc)? Since last launch I personally don't remember ever dropping anything rewarding after exchanging knight medal/royal knight medal/kings medal. IMO these medals should always at least drop a unique item or at least something worthwhile. You pk for a month and end up getting rewarded a chitin piece smh... Cheers
  8. I honestly don't even understand if you are attempting to be sarcastic? My take on it is that you are just plain stupid. Keep up the good work Nikos. Happy to see updates constantly being rolled out to improve the server. Cheers
  9. Nobody is crying. Only u and 4-5 other moppets cry in any thread that gets started in the forums around suggestions/bug reports. Regardless, congratulations for winning the CSW Gamblers. Regarding the bug that has been mentioned, it did happen, even to me I might add - Crystal was destroyed and I wasn't teleported to town. Something for Nikos to have a look at and fix for the next CSW. I would just like to say as well that this CSW was really fun and it actually felt like a proper CSW now. Good luck and have fun in the next ones! Cheers
  10. +1. Defending side would actually have to use their brain a bit instead of spamming novas on rotation at 1 choke lol.
  11. Maybe I misunderstood what you meant, but... I still need 250x merchant token [2] to get wings of hero. In other words I would already have the wings if there was no merchant token [1] or [2] separately. 8 hours a day means that u get 16 tokens (1 every half an hour) 250/16 = 2 weeks + roughly 2 days. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not complaining or anything of such on this entire subject. Just sharing my view that merchant token [1] and [2] caused a negative experience for me personally (It was my own fault for it as well since I didn't even know [1] and [2] existed, if I heard it right, there should be [3] coming as well at some point). Cheers
  12. Kind of disagree that merchant tokens are not hard to collect. I mean it depends who you ask obviously. I'm generally not the type of player who merchants all day everyday with a second account like some do (that just isn't me, but recently I had no choice but to follow the trend). In addition to that, I have no idea why different versions of merchant tokens are even needed? I was only collecting them to upgrade wings to begin with, only to find out that I suddenly had roughly 200 merchant token 1's and 50 merchant token 2's. Like seriously, why? Now I have 150 merchant token 2's instead of 250 GENERIC MERCHANT TOKENS and cannot get the wings yet as a result. Sure, lets do more pointless merchanting with an hp potion or enchant scroll selling at 10gb... Cheers
  13. @Aussie How is your reply even remotely connected to what I posted on the thread? Or any of NotSoBad replies to the rest of us for that matter? After reading through the entire thread (3 pages), I'm failing to grasp how any of the negative replies are even connected to the topic that was posted? To me it just seems that there are a few keyboard warriors with a bad case of loquaciousness. In a last ditch effort to hopefully get this thread back on track, let me try to break the problem down in simple words so that "everyone" can understand why this thread got started and what the problem is with CSW. What should CSW be? Simply put, attackers attack the castle while defenders defend the castle What CSW is currently? Defenders run down castle walls to flank attackers 3 Defender mage parties nova the ONE and ONLY entrance/choke that the attackers need to go through (illustration of mages - https://tenor.com/view/beer-couch-gif-7332096 /// illustration of attackers - https://giphy.com/gifs/aftlT0JX7zAFM9N2c9/fullscreen) Attackers run around in CSW doing pk, just missing the usual bowl bosses Attackers decide to push/attack the castle (illustration from attackers POV while getting flanked by defenders and other attackers - https://tenor.com/view/jedi-surrounded-losing-battle-gif-18815765 or if you decide to push into the choke... https://giphy.com/gifs/aftlT0JX7zAFM9N2c9/fullscreen) What is the problem with CSW? Attackers have no counter play to breach the castle I won't be responding any more to the thread after this. Whatever happens happens, at least I tried. P.S I give 0 fucks who owns the castle/who gets the crappy drops from ISI or who jerks off in the crystal room during Saturday evening. All I want is for a action packed back and forth CSW.
  14. NotSoBad huh? More like NotSoBright. But for real, this man seems to be living on the moon or something if he claims CSW is a finetuned event as it stands. All the while castle attackers have suggestions of making csw beeing something more than just pk outside of the castle.
  15. Reduced the cooldown of Light Feet skill to 1 second. Rather curious how the decision making process for such an innovative change folded.
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