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  1. Buying :- Butterfly wings 250gbs +6 Mage red parts 2gbs +6 Rogue / BP black parts 2gbs Selling :- Skeleton belt 15gbs
  2. yeah its been over a week and still no fix for this, what a joke lol
  3. monday to thursday without a goblin kinda sucks. needs to be fixed
  4. agreed, bravery is way to obnoxious right now. something needs to be added to help the newer players be able to get it. also this rainbow goblin needed to be hot fixed straight away, already 2 days of goblins gone... i wont be able to camp it at all this week now
  5. not telling you anything about 16 years, only my experience in prof ko
  6. our top geared mage has WOE+8 and dual flame ring atm, his hardest meteor to a player i heard of was 1.8k and he average minimum 1.2k... 1.2k x 6 = 7.2k this is without ur light mage nova + dots. good luck making 6 woe+8 tho
  7. we dont have full flame rings yet and not everyone has woe+7 either, we are working on it atm. i advise you to do the same if you want to kill top geared warriors.
  8. im talking about strictly INSIDE the bifrost and the way that plays, nothing else. this will be my last reply.
  9. thats what it is, your personal opinion, the opinion of the players should matter just as much. im not talking about cz at all, cz has 2 things of interest, isiloon and rbg. bifrost is the most important event right now for every single player in the server, if they are struggling with it and not having fun in my opinion that is not a good thing for the health and longevity of the server.
  10. i also agree, but the level of importance of bowl is nothing compared to bifrost and the way that bifrost is setup here is not your conventional bifrost, having 150 orcs and humans move from ego - glutton - wrath - sloth - lust in one giant KS fest is not what bifrost should be either, i think giving some diversity to the way this could be done would reduce alot of stress / frustration for most players. at the end of the day the game is about having fun, right?
  11. i think making a npc with 3 teleports, glutton, wrath, sloth spots would make bifrost alot more interesting, not every player / clan has the organization & members to take a tp mage to every single bifrost. putting in a npc like this would make it more fair and fun for all players trying to complete the CR / attend ultima fights. the more players that can have a real shot at the harder bosses the better in my opinion.
  12. i like what players suggested towards the end of the last server. make the rainbow goblin another isiloon / ultima / felankor kind of boss.
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