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  1. Hey sculpy i took from u a rof flame and a flame ring +1. Adede om list pls i want be ashamed
  2. Btw a bp its supposed to vs only with restore , here they are forced to duff due to the insane elemental dmg and high hp of everyclass.
  3. 6six u tried to kill my bp while Farming, i raped you, you came again, i choosen to ignore u and continued farming till scrools downs. After that i scrooled on and raped you again not even using malice. Can i ask in wich universe you thought u are capable to kill a bp ?
  4. This is getting intense , can i bring a nazi to this convo pls ?
  5. i agree and not , u know what i mean.. just chill mdfks
  6. can we start the " witch hunting " when server grows up its population ?
  7. Well, the reason albert is/was in Brasil is kitkati. Good news to hear.
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