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  1. Be sure that crystals/opals/crudes are 10x each, and not 7 crystals for example and 3 in other inventorie spot. 3 packages of 10 of each.
  2. Played 2h on last 15 days and took me just a team fight to realize he spends More mana than should be.
  3. those ppl who u see afk at deruvish spot are farming using bots (most of em)
  4. Friendly newcommers clan, amazyng pk skills and active 24|7 . Full recommended. Good luck
  5. Bps on Myko versions fail constantly ( My self included) to find any possible tanky build wich deals enought dmg. After trying all possible builds I suggest u move on 255 with flame rings if U already got hell Breaker . Otherwise if U still got in Mind tank and atack as much as possible the only viable build its ur current ones... U will tank 3 sins but kill no1 of em
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