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  1. You don't look neutral and stop crying man... Who can give the best item in the game for free, you can give @elProfessor if you are very rich. All u know is to make it flame on the forum...
  2. Thieves like this keep finding me too, it's best to play with people u know well or play alone..
  3. Yes this is my real reckoning, if there is a problem in his brain i can say it by spelling If you open Google Search and type crook, you will get @GLaDiaToR888 result I didn't even see you in the early days of the server,i think you played all the way to the end of the server to get the CSW and after you get it you rejoice like kids..Meanwhile i kiss your mama's hands Finally, you asked why i quit the game, it's good to leave the top, i think you need to go further when i still look from here.. mini gladiator444
  4. This is my main account i opened to talk to stupid people like you 1-)I'm not a snitch but you're a proven crook.. @elProfessor @GLaDiaToR888 2-)I've been playing the server from the very beginning. Since then I've seen you marauder and you still are. @elProfessor 3-)I'm not selling my ass for Ultima like you .. If i wanted to get the ultima from your hands, i would have gathered my old crew and already bought it. 4-)I don't know the holy and other clan either but i see that they took the ultima from your hand... 5-)And finally stop crying no more here.
  5. (Gladiator888)He is a Malaysian fraudster. Even the clan mates he plays with are telling me what a characterless person he is.As the entire Profko family, we know about his frauds even when he was a game master. Go cry somewhere else , nobody wants to see you cry here...
  6. "OurNPTWillCome" clan shows once again that this game is a cancer ppl.This server has rules and when you break these rules, you will be penalized for breaking these rules at all costs... ProfessionalKO.com: 1st Incapable Character Info ProfessionalKO.com: 2nd Incapable Character Info
  7. Professionalko.com: The person who harmed the server.
  8. Hello guys, if you want to learn how to play KO badly, scroll up the link below. ProfessionalKO.com: Handless Character Info
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