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  1. lol then if one nation have a priest and other not 100 % win bdw always been like this if you guy want a bdw with little war go create your own server after for hp/Def why not but make it healable is just stupid bdw is also make to use brain if u dont have the team to kill opposite nation you can steal be genious and rush monu if they dont check what you doing
  2. Hi i wanted to try wheel of fortune but when im trying to spin i got script message error dont know why
  3. rofl shadow this day u was trying to balance but there was 6 orc for 18humans before ur clan log 8 more humans? maybe there is something to be donne there also
  4. aparently if someone do this to you it is very big problem but last time your whole clan logged to humans when there was no orc online for lns and here it was not problem only always same crier in this forum i did not see other report your clan for this
  5. yes and also recone who tried create account said to me he cannot create because password bugged
  6. no i was keep getting dced on my account so i changed password lol
  7. Hi i noticed thats password change was bugged when you try to change your password website say succesfull pass changed but then you try login in game doesn't work could any gm check to this issue also bug for new account creating
  8. if i get help i can make the baby shark dance
  9. Hi today 20.17 server time i win bdw but i didn't see my inventory was full i got green chest bdw coupon medals bravery but missed 1 slot for ebony ingot could @nikos32 could i get any help char name Darklander
  10. in ur basic skill u have one skill spint only for death match
  11. i see what visual bug u talk about the thing here is it is not due to visual bug but it is due to teach internet conection if u ever pked with teach u cant understand he chase u prolly 15sec later he got dc visual bug and conection issue does not look same
  12. if you played so long and are so much experienced player you should already know this is lag visual bug on his screen you look near him so you can even town he will still hit you because of lag but maybe im not enough experienced player(i just play since myko beta)
  13. as far as i know teach he has a very big shit internet prolly in his screen u look near but i really doubt he use some cheat
  14. @Skyfor me there is no diff situation here same as nikos gave u a 2nd luck as i said (and im not saying u did this) no1 can proof or not u did not ask ur clan mate to come same as in this case no1 can say griff died intentionaly as we can see in death kill wasabi and his parti killed also griff if other party has not come and kill them they probably kill like 50times griff they just pissed off because some ppl came and kick their ass out so as usual 12years report want all ban and asking for justice the first justice would be to unban griff because actualy some ppl did worst thing and repeate
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