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  1. If you have proof that someone has used macros, submit your videos here. It is irresponsible of you to report someone without proof. For example, we have seen orc priests healing while running, but we don't have the videos so we can't say anything. If you talk about buggs, you won the castle doing the same, your magicians attacked without entering the vault. If Nickos says that this is forbidden, let him make the necessary corrections to correct it. Blessings.
  2. It is incredible that after losing the castle, the first thing I read from the Smile is "clan 300 have used buggs." The last csw was one of the most fun for the pk and with this post the only thing they do is look like bad losers. Enjoy the game, do not look for excuses to justify that we won the castle by cheating. I am sure that next Sunday will be just as fun and you will have the opportunity to recover the castle, and if you do, we will not cry in the forum. Blessings. IceCube.
  3. Buying: HB+8 Trade for GIGA+8 and items pm me here or game
  4. Buying: Giga 2H +8 (gbs) Pm here or Icecube.
  5. Selling: CS +0 2xDV+8 (sold) Buying Giga +8 Pm here o icecube
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