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  1. Still wont bring people back, but its a start. good job.
  2. when i said you guys, i was talking about Blood and Gamblers. and here are you guys again, complaining and fighting when you should be working toguether. you guys just proving i'm correct :D
  3. dude, that only happeans because you guys have the same timezone, so you guys are aways with more people, more priests, and way better itens. and that has nothing to do with skills. its no ones falt to be honest. in my opinion if you guys didnt spend all this time crying and fighting eatchother, and just team up and try to find a way to make this server works, maybe we didnt have to be here talking on this topic. i already give an idea that i really think will solve the problem of the server. it's up to @nikos32 try it or no. Peace out!
  4. dont think that the falt is the felankors. its more the timezone, gamblers are all turks, same timezone, easy to make 2~3 partys, easy to kill bosses. the rest are from all around the world, timezone doesnt work well, hard to put everyone online at the same time. thats the first problem, that make gamblers become so strong, and made the rest of the problems thats why i am saying that @nikos32 need to find a way to put some good itens on the hands of everyone that wants to play. The idea i just did about npc to rent good itens with np, and sell iron sets with np too, is the only solution in my opinion. everything else will just be lost of time.
  5. @nikos32 put a npc that rent itens like: HB+7 = 50k nps per week CHD+6/DV+7/Sherion+7 = 50k nps per week With this people will have a way to pk, they will keep pking to rent again, untill they can buy the item for themselves. Also put iron neck for sell, like: Iron neck = 500k nps Iron belt = 500k nps With this the old players will have to farm nps, so they can get the itens they still missing to get. With something like this, the server may have a chance to stay alive. People that are geared will need to pk to get iron set's. New players will have to pk, to rent a iten that will help alot on the pk/farm. I really believe that only something like this will make the server live again. Peace Out.
  6. As tittle says, i am buying priest black chitin set +7. pm me please.
  7. The problem with prices are: Drop rate are ridiculous, i killed like 70 sq's on eslant, and never get an iron neck. Also the one clan that kills ultima/isiloon/felankors are gamblers, other kill it only sometimes, when gamblers are not online, and people are not afk, that makes they keep the itens for themselves, equiping the hole clan, getting strongers, with makes the pk pretty impossible. So the prices are high because no one sells those itens. The pk is dead, because those itens are all on the same clan/party. on my opinion nikos shoud make a freaking huge boss event, on lufferson/el morad, and make it drop alot of iron sets/cs/rofs. this will make the prices go down, will equip the people who wants to play, and make the pk come alive again. or just make a easy way to get it, like change np for item, or some kind of quest to get it. (but seriously a decent quest, not something boring as hell that no one will even make it.) An exemple of this sux drop rate is the chitin shield voucher, it's been so long since the release of it, and i think only 1 droped so far. (Luckly for me) Peace out!
  8. Great idea, or make some huge quests, like killing 500dm's to get a chd/hb, (But make dm's drop gold bars so people can make a decent farm there.) But cs/in/ib should be by nps. Like 500k nps. Cuz if you put like 1m nps, only a few will take it, and you will make the strongest guys even strongers. We need a way to make the pleb get some decent gear to fight equaly, or almost equaly.
  9. The problem with the pk is: Gamblers are way ahead of all other players; They have the most active priests on game, so it makes easy to pk; They are so damm organized and active that they get pretty much all the good itens; So put it a party with full iron sets, 2 or 3 priests, pretty hard to beat that; What server needs the most now is a way to make the itens difference between Gamblers and the others closer, and active and decent priests on the human side. Gamblers have no falt on that, they are just a good, active and organized clan. Peace out!
  10. something around 50gbs. pm me here or ingame.
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