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  1. Two men wrestling in bed. I wouldn't like to watch it. Equal gear for sure, beginners would have a chance to participate.
  2. Mark it by right mouse button and use with ctrl. It's not the best way for minor combo tbh.
  3. Don't compare damage between mages and warriors. And don't call me like that because you can't handle with your frustation. I've not offended you even once.
  4. Didn't thought that i have to clarify this again. Gonna show you @ThomasScamShelby simply examples why mages should not be buffed. Let's start from the begining. Did anyone asked to nerf mages since server started and 5 mages were able to wipe out everyone for 1 month from the begining? NO. Did sombody ask to buff any other class? As asassin i use to hit 900-1400 spike to paper mage and now i guess all of you have around 5k hp. - is that much? Don't think so - Did somebody told you that only warriors can use flame resist potions? There are also other classes that can not use resistance potions and even Magic Shield does not benefit asassins that much, cause they will not sue ROC's, WP's and Fire belts just because there is a mage party around. Did people without full clans cry about that when they try get to bowl, they get instantly raped by 6 asassins or a 5 warriors party with 3 priests? NO. Did you guys geared up like other melees? NO. There are benefits that every class is unique in and you have to face it, instead of begging for a buff. If you can't kill all of us with 7 mages try to geather more ppl and play with 2 mage partys AS WE ALL DO to face others better geared or better skilled parties. Thats the part of the game. This topic deserve to be closed. @GM_Thanos@nikos32
  5. I don't want to be rude, but request about boosting mages it's kind of bullshit. The point of that you can't beat a full geared party with novas does not mean that you need a buff, take a look at how many kills are you guys doing during main events and when PK is crowded. You were killing out everyone with goblin sets and woods +8 from the begining of the server through the mid state of chitins and even now there is not much parties that can handle your novas and thats still not enough for you. A lot of people invested a lot of time or money to gear up their meele characters and you just changed goblins to black chitins and woods to lycaons that allows you to stand a bit longer against meeles and this is how it goes at 72 cap servers. Don't ask for something that will benefit "only" your party, cause it seems against the backdrop of the whole server. Greets.
  6. Does that means that if I put 3x ROL + elemental essence there is 30% to make ROL +0 with elemental damege? Or it goes to +1 also?
  7. This guy is glitching all the time in CZ as you can see in the begining of first movie.
  8. As topic says i've Raptor +8 for selling, pm me here or in game: Hellingram discord Hellingram#4350
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