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  1. Yes i understand that you could get mad Also i understand muting for rasist, bad behaviours that someone do on purpose.. But telling fuck off rarely to someone that annoy you, is on regular basis for 99% players here, would be bad to mute everyone Seems the guy didnt want to make friends with you, thats all but... I can be your friend instead
  2. Well its not nice what you did, but from other side GM should not mute you for that, hes not part of the in-game community in way he can interfere like that. IMO he overused hes rights a bit there
  3. with that guys you can afford iron neck
  4. still too small amount for cs
  5. So you spent so much to drop lesath, while you could sell kc on merchant and buy it much cheaper? lmao
  6. Anvil is totally normal, i wont trust you @thefnl
  7. List updated, thanks for bump