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  1. Relaunch is a bad idea since server started only 3 months ago and there are people who donated tons both here on profKO and zoneKO, nobody likes losing their money every couple of months. Well at least I don't
  2. i agree with wendy on some certain points, tho i dont agree on dropping items on +3, come on its not that much time consuming to make them +3
  3. If 8 people can kill it after the reduce, I vote for reducing the stats of Isiloon
  4. archers are pretty strong on VS here, damages are pretty high, tho you guys are missing your Ice/Light arrows
  5. I did 2 class changes recently IGN: Berzerk I was warrior with 70 skill, used the class change scroll to be a priest 2 days ago about 30min - 1h ago used class change scroll once more, and changed back to warrior. But i didn't get my mastery/70 skill back
  6. showmachine; macro linki paylaştığı için banlandı fakat sizler niye banlandınız bi bilgim yok hocam, umarım en kısa zamanda durum çözülür
  7. 5k pots can be used by any class, but adding 100x cures will only make rogues more powerful
  8. if you are a paper mager, you gotta give to take. no one likes an unkillable paper mage running around in cz.
  9. hocam bunu yapan oyuncuyu desteklediğim yok,sakın yanlış anlama ama bu yüzden karakter banlanmaz, moradon dışındayken trade block yapmayı alışkanlık haline getirmen lazım
  10. im looking for Iron Set , CS, Glass Belt and Skeleton Belt pm me on forums with your price
  11. Sure but we dont have many members yet
  12. Why not? But just to let you know it will take us a while to gear up and be able to PK
  13. Me and an old friend decided to create a new clan on the human side. Anyone who can speak English and wants to have some fun is welcome. If you are interested pm me on forums or in game: Omnipotent
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