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  1. Relaunch is a bad idea since server started only 3 months ago and there are people who donated tons both here on profKO and zoneKO, nobody likes losing their money every couple of months. Well at least I don't
  2. i agree with wendy on some certain points, tho i dont agree on dropping items on +3, come on its not that much time consuming to make them +3
  3. If 8 people can kill it after the reduce, I vote for reducing the stats of Isiloon
  4. archers are pretty strong on VS here, damages are pretty high, tho you guys are missing your Ice/Light arrows
  5. I did 2 class changes recently IGN: Berzerk I was warrior with 70 skill, used the class change scroll to be a priest 2 days ago about 30min - 1h ago used class change scroll once more, and changed back to warrior. But i didn't get my mastery/70 skill back
  6. showmachine; macro linki paylaştığı için banlandı fakat sizler niye banlandınız bi bilgim yok hocam, umarım en kısa zamanda durum çözülür
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