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  1. maybe put a reward upon joining an event, since nobody bothers right now or maybe add those ebony/brimstones/silver to frags/gems.
  2. Sounds good! Would make people join events again too, great for new players as well
  3. Hi, I discovered a bug with red crimson armors today. Ever since i stopped wearing the red crimson robe, my knees are missing. Can't run without knees https://imgur.com/a/f1HlDWl thanks.
  4. loot mage red for me guys i'll buy all your boots & robes
  5. Emiel

    Mr is recruiting

    Pm Email or STUNBlTCH ingame only elite gamers all boss drops are for me
  6. since nobody seem to have money to buy stuff from merchants anymore, maybe just make vote points for platbar or goldbar
  7. i do consider myself one of the best priests in server
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