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  1. So you spam him till he gets mad... and then report.... Think you got exactly what you asked for.
  2. Nice fight ^^ Not sure how you are winning that, undergeared and a BP in a 7v7
  3. Nice video bro, good proof of macro Hehe, someone is mad. Looks like you are the one crying... No honor. tobad
  4. Haha So there is no bug, and then evryone else does it? Only see Gamblers do it. Bug abuse = using bugs that are there Seen it last week aswell. Those 7 people have no shame, no honor. And honestly, the GM's got no balls to atleast call it out and start warning people..
  5. Well thats a fast cooldown on his skills No cooldown on his light nova, just click and run and while running it still drops. TP on the run... If it's visual he would atleast stop or slow down at some point. Also that priest that rezzed him.... instan... Rezz, heal no cast time Full TBL
  6. Uhhm Thats a program... hes aiming at mobs. At that spot there is nothing to Z.
  7. ??? Maybe go test magic shield.. cause it helps allot with damage reduction. It's gonna be even bigger when Bifrost opens.
  8. You should add a damn near 100% cancel rate to priest for Arrow Shower and Multi shot... Also increase the damn hit boxes so archers can actually hit the 5 arrows in pk... Now even if a babarian stand still you cant hit him with 5 arrows...
  9. They do? I know warriors hit you for 900-1000. So i doubt a sin hits you for that much with 24dd....
  10. yes you do.... You cried allot on forums after not getting items.
  11. Tell me, what does warrior control hp pot do? I have never seen or heared of this. I know that with minor you use 2 minors with 1 click. But am i using 2 hp pots with 1 click aswell? if it works like that why wont sins use this on soul pots?
  12. Ok so he kills 4 people? All in farm spots or on the way to farm. Geared for farm or mage pk. Diffrend countries. Diffrend times account got created. And level 72...
  13. I would suggest remove all talia's except for mage and priest. BUTTTT Add a 170+ STR requirement for Priest talia Add a 150 + INT requirement for Mage talia. This way BP's is still a playable class and INT priest cant use talia unless they sacrefice allot of HP. A INT mage will be tanky, but will have low hp and low dmg.
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