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  1. he's Algssa_milano? well is that case he has no right to be complaining. He's a complete scumbag and scammer. Scam people for items. Then he create parties to kill bosses and never share items, and pretend like he don't see your pm. He use to do this in LMS zone ko. Make random parties as PL and steal drops and never share it. ANd he even got banned for scamming someone in that server lol....Complete scum of of the earth
  2. LMAO +1....steve-o the babashopper needs to be banned now. HE just got owned. I thought shouting and spamming selling gbs or items for REAL money was against TOS? people have gotten banned for it on this server before for that. OFC, steve-o is protected, so he'll get a pass lol.
  3. FunNy how when i mentioned the same things in this topic on my own topic here: people said i was complaining and closed down my topic lmao. Admins don't want to face reality. they tried to save it by releasing excp items but it didn't work. LVL 72 won't bring ppl back either, or maybe they'll come back for 2 days. The reason is Admins don't invest in events or anything that maintains the server population. I mean the King had a tournament that was fun, he just did an event that admins don't even do, that's sad.
  4. keep making excuses and being in denial u babshopper...i can't reason with your deluded brain
  5. babshoppers will always be in denial bro, can't argue with them. They will do anything to convince themselves that they are not trying to gain an advantage.
  6. lmao?? what does that have to even do with anything...EVerything you and kallop listed on this topic only benefits overgeared babashoppers such as yourself. IT doesn't help the server at all. Also how you going to tell me it's not true when i'm always in CZ around FT time and most of the time, it's only filled with the same nation running around the bowl mindlessly, there are rarely enemies from other nation. this is true. Kallop and other talking about "money sink" and complaining about high prices, but yet most of the things they listed, will only cause more inflation, and will benefit players with tons of those items already. Also prices are dropping like crazy, so idk what high prices yall talking about, it has nothing to do with anything yall listed, it has everything to do with supply and demand. Also, You got some emotional problems, cause you somehow turned this into a personal issue. GG mate and stop taking things so personally kid.
  7. 1 month in and you want +1 uniques already? it's always the geared babshoppers asking for these things to gain and advantage. I can tell you right now if they opened +1, there would be dozens of top clan members running with +! uniques in less than 24 hours and they would be raping noob geared people even easier than they do now.
  8. w NO that's terrible because op clans like you who already farm al bunch of them will keep getting them in bowl. lil guys won't have a chance to get them. YOU GUYS DO NEED TO make mini bosses timer random intervals though. right now it's a set time and the same people with with party camp the party every so hour at the right time. make it vary from like 2-4 hours, however make the mini bosses spawn outside bowl also. The real problem right now is the short respawn time of mini bosses and their timers are fixed, MAKE IT VARIABLE!
  9. bro WTF u talking about..FT don't ruin pk...there's never anyone active in CZ around FT times
  10. yall need to do something. server is on average 150 players less than 2 weeks ago. Back then, during peak time (afternoon for me), it used to be close to 500 ppl, and on low time (night for me), it was around 360 ppl. Now peak is around 360 ppl and low time is around 210 ppl..GG nikos. I'm already losing motivation to player the game. Nobody in CZ, only people there are overgeared noobs with +8 items set that raid noob player farming. In bowl, there are either too many orcs running bowl, or too many humans. Running around the bowl for hours for a damn boss that gets ksed easily is mind-numbing . Eslant bosses gets camps if clan parties with TP scrolls...There's literrally nothing to do now. BDW is often not competitive, most of the time one side wins by a wide gap and other side gives up, rarely is it close match.
  11. I can confirm this happening to me with dark pursuer also, sometimes it fails for no reason. and no, it's not because i'm pressing DP too fast, i've player archer for a long time and one other servers never had this problem.
  12. a few weeks ago, we were able to far buff, now far buff doesn't work. Is it glitched or you guys removed it?
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