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  1. @Fluvius Why banned Takashi for he has done nothing wrong ? This sever lost many players so why banned people for this kind of thing really bad:(
  2. pay who man are you an idiot piss off yea and stop making more drama your just a scammer your self and koxper don't give me more bullshit ye wait for gm reply lil kid!!!!
  3. Sorry little kids and haters not allowed in this case and who cares about what you think really funny!!!! And I know what kind of person you are now, and I'm sure you hope a lot to happen to MB!!!! But why tell me, why all that hate ?? I got nothing against you or anyone, I'm here just to play and have fun, in this server I will say this for the million time!!! Peace Hater!!!!!
  4. sheriff stay out of this ye and keep hating for nothing, mind your own business!!!!! And who said I need your respect who do you think you are man seriously!!!!
  5. Watch you mouth first of all and I wouldn't have sworn at you if you didn't swear at first place dude ''dick ass bitch'' ''your poor bastard'' ? I payed you 30gbs in game after I couldn't pay you the amount of money... And after all that you message me on facebook swearing at me and showing all these messages for what just to get me banned because I payed you in game get a life seriously. And since I started this game I started fairly not like you use hack just to farm and k0xp for pk ?
  6. First thing this issue been more then a month now and I couldn't pay you yes that's right and I did pm you in game and gave you 30gbs for all the items you had man and they were not worth that much you hade chitins +6 +7 and two parts of shells+6 +wings of donation + some noob items you had I was really an idiot to buy such thing of you seriously and in the end you wanna make some drama after I payed you 30gbs for all the noob items, you want GM to banned ?
  7. I bought opal earring ? when was that prove it like the photos you got of pms !!!!!! Not even!!!
  8. look I'm not racist!!! and most of my mates are from turkey since I started to play ko but when I get pms everywhere I go in game for nothing abusing insulting me and swearing at my family this that for what tell me ? This emptyPromises clan they have hate on me for no reason I had the same problem with some warrior before in the same clan he starts making up things for nothing and if I pm back he starts swearing and insulting me And my problem is I don't take photos of his pm I just delete it and forget about it. End of the day we all here to have fun and enjoy game, Peace
  9. ye I guess there's something wrong then SclSm0ckDrago because I've done all that steps still doesn't work...
  10. I got the same problem nikos I can log in panel but not in game need your help its first time happening tho ?
  11. hi I got a problem here every time I try to open my account put my id down and password it says invalid id or password I tried to change my password through website couldn't do that either.......
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