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  1. Yes Archer Here seems like warrior lvl 50 vs sin lvl 72 and about ice shot why not add ??? and about attck dmge why so low ??? and about archer at Any server can do damage like 3x warrior when tank 5 arrow here we cant PK archer only can kill roit 0 defence 0 damge why u allow archer and u cant give him his stat i think u delete Archers from server will be fine if archers like that
  2. i bought 2x nt scroll for friends to help them nt and after i buy........ cant trade it so >>>>>>> i need back them for kc so i can help my friends in game to nt my char is cc;
  3. he is scammed my boss he trade me when i help my friend healling him then my friend is die then he take my boss then he said i`am scammer with his pirest
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